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Silent Sunday

Eastbourne pier at dawn

I’m rather loving the whole dawn over the pier thing at the moment.

Before the hustle and bustle of a new day the peace and quiet of dawn is rather magical.

A huge thank you to Darren for picking my photo from last week as Januarys My Sunday Photo, the quality, both in talent and emotiveness, each week is huge so I’m chuffed to bits to have been picked.

The Week That Was…


Seriously, we’ve been so ill. It all started last weekend and honestly, I can’t remember being so sick. Thankfully over the week we’ve all got better, but a ruined weekend, days of work and school and hubs being sent home from work led to a very “woe is me” week.


Umm yeah, we we’re all sick but I did manage to learn how to knit, yay me!

knitting progress and wooden hearts


Something New

When is the last time you learnt something new, just for the sake of learning something?

I’ve always wanted to knit, I remember my nana teaching me to knit when I was a little girl, it did not go well. The whole thing was just a tangle of yarn, needles jabbed in to the sofa and one stroppy little girl.

Over the years it’s something I’ve tried to pick up but was never able to get the hang of, until Sunday.

I watched a few youtube videos, naturally each one had a different technique, and I gave up, it was just too dang hard.

The next morning it all just clicked and BOOM I was knitting!


How Does Your Garden Grow…


After lusting over the glorious photos you guys keep posting of your hydrangea’s I finally picked one up. I shall call her Bloomy, we’ve had shoddy weather since I bought her, so no photo, instead here’s one the the flowers I picked up the other week, still going strong!

jam jar flowers


Silent Sunday

Eastbourne pier at sunrise

I’m just loving the sunrise silhouettes of the pier that I’ve been capturing lately, it really enables the details of the structure to pop.

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