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Picture Perfect

Life is messy.

It’s wonderfully and chaotically messy, both physically and mentally. Whether it’s your home, relationship, job, hair, family, personality or nail varnish there will always be something that is in an uncontrollable state of chaos.

Much has been said of late about the “picture perfect” lives portrayed on Pinterest, Instagram and the like; some feel pressured to attain these seemingly elusive perfect lives.

I must confess to loving the “picture perfect” lives I see on Instagram and Pinterest.

Silent Sunday

sunrise over eastbourne pier

The Simple Things ~ Catching a Sunrise

Sunrise; perhaps the most perfect time of day.

Especially when I get up early enough to go outside and enjoy it.

Despite my love affair with my bed, I will willingly remove myself from its comfy depths and head out to find me a sunrise.

Living a hop, skip and a jump away from the beach doesn’t hurt in my quest to find a pretty sunrise to lift my spirits.

How To Clean & Dry Pinecones For Crafts & Decorations

This time of year there are pinecones literately falling from the sky!

They make excellent decorations and craft items, except for the bugs for which they make lovely homes.

It wasn’t until a few Christmas’s ago that I realised bringing home little bits of nature was the same as inviting the bugs through the front door. Our poor Christmas tree was infested with bugs, I screamed like a girl, flapped my arms around like a chicken and have been a pinecone cleaner ever since.

Oh and a fake Christmas tree enthusiast too.

An Autumnal Afternoon ~ How Does Your Garden Grow

This past weekend I dragged the family around town in search of Autumn, as whilst it’s all around us, there are some things which are just….more Autumny!

What should have been a straight forward walk to the park took us along a number of roads way out of our way, but hey ho, we got there in the end!

Once the kids had exhausted themselves in the play park I dragged them round the woodland bits, got to get a bit of nature appreciation instilled in them.

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