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Beating Depression

I remember clearly the mixed emotions I felt as I walked out the GP surgery clutching my first ever prescription for anti depressants.

I felt confused, disappointed, guilty, angry, optimistic, fear, despair, dread, self loathing and a whole heap of shame.

I was without a doubt totally unprepared for the overwhelming emotions. They have at times, over the past 5 years, consumed me to such a degree I didn’t think I’d ever find a way back to “normal”.

But after five years of pretty horrendous lows, things started to look up.

It has been an achingly, painfully slow process, full of backward steps, with many moments where I seriously doubted my ability to carry on existing.

How Does Your Garden Grow


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be truly wild and free!

Alas, I am not.

Maybe it’s my longing for a little wanderlust  which fuels my love of wildflowers; their ability to just seed and bloom where ever they find a suitable home.

We recently stumbled across oodles of wildflowers, many of which were in full glorious bloom.

roadside wildflowers

Me Time ~ Finding Some Calm

I’m sure I wasn’t the only parent who breathed a sigh of relief once the kids returned to school after summer break.

As much as I adore my little darlings I was in desperate need of “Me Time”, there’s only so many times I can listen to “Everything is Awesome”, step on Lego bricks or dance around like a loon before I start going crazy.

I’m fortunate enough to live close enough to both the beach and several parks where I’m able to take walks when I feel the need to clear my head and de-stress from the crazy chaos that occurs every morning when trying to get two little boys ready for school.

I’m trying to convince hubs we need a puppy to accompany me on these walks, so far he doesn’t agree!

in shadows

Parental Fears ~ Do They Ever End?

If any of us truly realised just how consistently terrifying being a parent is, would we have done it?

Even from before I was actually pregnant, I was terrified.

What if we couldn’t have a baby, what were our options, were we old enough, young enough, had I had enough sleep… WHERE WOULD WE KEEP A BABY?

Once I was knocked up, the fears just kept piling on. The sigh of relief at reaching 12 weeks was drowned out by the cold wave of fear at hearing the words “…twins…high risk….monochorionic….fetal growth restriction…TTTS….premature labour….”.

It was literately 7 months of constant fear.

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