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Autumn, the last loveliest smile

autumn quote

If Autumn is indeed the last and loveliest smile of the year….what are we to admire next?!

Christmas ~ Lowering Expectations

Have you written your Christmas wish list, checked it twice?

Scores of children around the world are no doubt checking catalogues, searching online stores and dragging parents round shopping centres with the hope of finding what they would like to unwrap on Christmas morning, adding the items to their letters to Santa, aka their parents.

As a parent I fully understand the desire to provide for your children, the gleeful excitement that shines from their faces as they unwrap exactly what they asked for is priceless.

Silent Sunday


Despite being a bit chilly and dark of an evening the kids are still insisting on visiting the beach after school, crazy fools!

Christmas Cards ~ Made With Love–Review

I love sending and receiving cards, and with Christmas just a few weeks away I’ve been thinking about Christmas cards.

When offered the chance to review some cards from Made With Love  I was rather excited to say the least!

Wild & Free

As the garden falls even deeper in to the clutches of Autumn there is little colour to be seen other than greens and browns, which whilst ok are a poor substitute to the array of colours which flourished a few months ago.

As I was pootling about the garden, slinging worms back in the soil, chopping back straggly plants and marvelling at the sheer strength of a spider’s web I noticed the wild flowers had finally all gone to seed.

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