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The Simple Things ~ The Art of Doing Nothing

Idleness, a skill which many of us seem to have lost.

The simple joy of doing nothing. And doing it well.

We’re all so busy doing stuff, some of it important, a lot we only think is important and some we know isn’t important at all yet we still allow it to swallow up our precious time.

Years ago my parents would have insisted that I had idleness down to a Tee, but over the years I lost that skill.

Lately I’ve been actively taking time to do nothing.

Switching off from everything and just….doing nothing.

I’ve listened to the birds sing, wind rustle in the trees and the waves crashing on the shore.

crashing waves

Ran my fingers in and wiggled my toes in the grass

grass and daisys

Lay down watching the clouds drift overhead, chasing winds and changing shape.

in the clouds

And watched the leaves dance in dappled sunlight.


I’ve watched raindrops race each other down a window.

rain drops unsplash

And gazed at birds, thinking of nothing except where they are off to on their travels.

Birds unsplash

When is the last time you actually did nothing.

Just gave yourself and your mind time and permission to de-stress and just wonder and wander?

A Year of the Pier ~ Eastbourne Pier in Photographs

I started photographing Eastbourne Pier a year ago. 

An informal photography challenge to myself, capturing the same subject in different ways, at different times from various points of view.

I never actually expected to enjoy it as much as I have.

But over the weeks it grew on me.

Not just as a subject to photograph, there was something about it’s determination to survive.  It’s stood proudly from the coastline for over 100 years, survived 2 World Wars, fires, weathered countless storms and the pounding of thousands of feet and crashing waves.

eastbourne pier 7

eastbourne pier 6

eastbourne pier 4

eastbourne pier 3

eastbourne pier 2

eastbourne pier 1

sun burst beside pier

Fluffy clouds over Eastbourne pier_thumb[2]

dusky pier

sunny day at eastbourne pier_thumb[2]

pier behind grass

Sunlight through the pier

sun peaking behind the pier

low tide from the pier

dancing under the pier

sunshine above the pier


early morning pier

I do hope they rebuild, as one of only 58 piers left in the UK, it would be a shame if such an iconic structure of our seaside were left to tumble into the sea.

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