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Silent Sunday


Eastbourne pier

It’s very bizarre to see the pier…half destroyed and half looking perfectly fine.

Looks rather forlorn and lonely with no lights twinkling or couples strolling hand in hand.

Dear Teacher…

I’ve never met you, yet I’m entrusting my most precious creations with you.

My wonderful, darling and unique children will be with you for 6 hours everyday.

ethan and his hat ahren and his hat

I’m trusting you to listen to their concerns.

Life After Pre~School

Now the children are settling down in to Year 1 I find myself at a loss.

I fully intended and was looking forward to returning to work once my maternity leave was up. We’d looked in to nursery places, working hours, travel and all the other bits and pieces we would need in place for my return to work.

I even discussed my return with my managers and staff before I left, we were all eager for it to happen.

But Ethan went and got ill, life threatening ill.

And it destroyed me.

How Does Your Garden Grow

My garden is so confused at the moment!

It’s struggling with warm days and cold nights, not sure if it should bloom or settle down for the next few months.

The honey suckle has a split personality, it’s producing some gorgeously vibrant berries

honey suckle berries

whilst still displaying it’s weirdly pretty flowers.

Good Neighbours? Pft!

This is one of those posts that doesn’t need to be written, but I fear if I don’t rant it out I will go round next door and tell them where to shove the drills, electric saw, hammers, floor sanders and goodness knows what else they’ve been using on their poor house.

For the past four months the neighbours have been “remodelling” their house.

Four long, loud and frustrating months.

They could have built a house in that time.

But nope, they are “remodelling” and are using numerous power tools to do so, every single day, often more than one at a time, from 8am until about 7pm. Sometimes later.

My kitchen walls shake with the force of the drill and hammers being slammed in to the other side, trinkets fall off shelves.

The floor in the bathroom vibrates when they do whatever it is they are doing next door.

To add to the noise, the neighbours on the other side decided to get on the “piss Amanda off” bandwagon, they’ve smashed out windows, stripped plaster from walls and done a whole host of other things which has made the noise levels over the past few months almost intolerable.

Often I find myself leaving my home just to get away from the constant bombardment of noise, but that isn’t always feasible.

So now I sit here, with yet another painful ear infection, listening to a drill hammer {I can now differentiate between tools and can even tell when they’ve hit a snag} trying very hard to neither cry nor storm around instruct them how they should use their poxy bloody drill hammer.

I know every household makes noise, my two are supreme at making a racket, but I just wish the neighbours could give it a rest for a while.


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