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Silent Sunday


Despite being a bit chilly and dark of an evening the kids are still insisting on visiting the beach after school, crazy fools!

Christmas Cards ~ Made With Love–Review

I love sending and receiving cards, and with Christmas just a few weeks away I’ve been thinking about Christmas cards.

When offered the chance to review some cards from Made With Love  I was rather excited to say the least!

Wild & Free

As the garden falls even deeper in to the clutches of Autumn there is little colour to be seen other than greens and browns, which whilst ok are a poor substitute to the array of colours which flourished a few months ago.

As I was pootling about the garden, slinging worms back in the soil, chopping back straggly plants and marvelling at the sheer strength of a spider’s web I noticed the wild flowers had finally all gone to seed.

Scared Of

growing up.

I remember all those years ago, back in Primary school, when I honestly and truly thought I’d never grow up.

You were either born an adult or a child, you could get older, but only to a certain age.

Snickerdoodles with Moose Maple Butter


If you’ve not already had these delicious bites of awesome you must remedy that immediately and luckily for you I have a recipe to share.

yummy snickerdoodles

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