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Let Them Take Risks

As parents our instincts are to wrap our children in cotton wool and protect them from harm. Whilst at times this is exactly what we need to do, other times we need reminding that it’s okay to allow our children to push boundaries and be a little dare devilish once in a while.

Whether it’s climbing trees, walking on walls, cycling without stabilisers, playing on a tyre swing, skateboarding, body boarding or hiking at some point all these activities, and more, will seem like a risky endeavour to both you and your child.

the more risks

It’s easy to focus on the potential negatives of allowing our children to take risks rather than look towards the positives which can come about from risky activities.

Taking risks helps build confidence – when a child masters a new challenge they will undoubtedly feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, a great confidence booster.

Challenges their ability to assess a situation – tackling any risky situation requires some critical thinking, from which tree branch to balance on to whether a wall is too high to walk on, a child will need to figure out which step to take in order to stay safe.

Improves gross motor skills – most risky endeavours children will undertake will be physical to some degree, resulting in a fun way to do exercise whilst improving balance, coordination and strength,

and perhaps most importantly allows them to exercise their imagination.

So, whilst it’s tempting to make a body suit out of bubble wrap for your children before they head outside, remember how much you enjoyed climbing trees, jumping off walls and furniture and generally doing things which would make your parents gasp, hold their breath then release a sigh of relief once you landed on your feet, and let your children enjoy those same freedoms.

Silent Sunday


You can just about make out the pier, we’ve been to the beach everyday this week, yet we’ve been too busy enjoying ourselves for me to take a decent pier photo!

Ahh well, family fun always come before blogging.


The View from Above

Most of our time this summer is being being spent on the beach, which is wonderful; our second home is full of sand, shells, breaking waves and the odd annoying seagull with an over priced ice cream thrown in too.

So this morning when we realised the rain had buggered off for a while we decided to head a little bit away from the beach, and by little be I mean still on the coast but just not right on the beach.

blue skies

You can see the sea between the trees.

between the trees

We walked to the end of the regular beach and headed round to Holy Well.

south coast view

But first, we had to stop for refreshments, cause these two fart nuggets can moan so much that another step forward would have resulted in this mama having an epic meltdown.

grumpy Ahren cheerful Ethan

Once they were suitably refreshed they were off running and exploring.

I pretty much left them alone to do their own thing, they chased grass hoppers, butterflies, spiders and climbed rocks.

exploring the beach

rock climbing

more rock climbing

They are always amazed by the glittery rocks, they were most annoyed not to have a pickaxe to get the sparkles out!

trying not to slip on seaweed


We stopped here for Beach Spa; they had me take off my flip flops and pop my feet in a shall rock pool whilst they twirled my hair and generally made it super frizzy, ahh they meant well.

beach spa

Ahren was transfixed following items being carried by the water away from the cliffs.

beach spa

The woodworker in me so wanted this chunk of sea battered wood, alas it was stuck fast.


These steps go all the from the beach up to there, the view from the top is amazing, well worth it if you’re ever in the area.

all the stairs

And these steps are really bloody annoyingly spaced, I’m short, I have little legs, they did not like the spacing on these steps.

more stairs

But the view…

admiring the view

the view

The folk on the beach look teeny tiny.

view from above

The boys were suitably impressed.

a knackered but proud Ethan

I got a fuzzy snap of all my boys.

my boys

How beautifully green, I want to go back in Autumn to see how the colours change.

all the trees

Can you see the pier peeking just round the corner?

low tide from above

It’s amazing just how diverse our little town is, we really are bloomin’' lucky to live where we do.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A Late Summer Flourish

With a month or so of Summer left and rainy days looking to stay for a while, Autumn is muscling her way in already.

Even with Autumn begin to creep in a few flowers are having a resurgence, there’s new blooms  and some eager growth popping up.


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