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How Does Your Garden Grow

I have a tree!

My awesome In Laws visited us at the weekend and bought me a Peach blossom tree, it will be yonks before I can have a tree house, but every Spring I shall have my own pretty pink blossom.

All the excited squees.

pink peach blossom

All Things Garden

Over the past year or so I have become ever more enamoured with the little patch of garden that is ours.

There is little space, some sunshine, plenty of shade, the more than occasional downpour, often blustery coastal winds and a silly Fat Cat who passes by and causes havoc.

5 Life Lessons I Want My Children To Learn


I was tagged by the crazy talented glass making Lucas in the #Big5Meme , where parent bloggers share 5 life lessons they want to pass on to their children.

As a mama with some amazing and a few horrific life experiences I could waffle on and on about what lessons I would like to pass on to my children, trying to narrow it down to 5 was difficult.

But here goes…

  1. Question everything; life, love, religion. Without questions there will never be answers.
  2. Have no regrets; question it later, but know that at the time it was the right choice.
  3. Find something to smile and laugh about every single day.
  4. Return the phone call, text or email. They wont always be there to hear you, make the most of people in your life whilst they are present.
  5. Find joy in the simple things; a book, walk in the rain, a sunrise or the company of an old friend.

I think I shall leave the last word with Ernest Hemmingway, the man makes sense.

Before you

I need to tag some amazing parent bloggers to keep this going, off to check who hasn’t yet participated before tagging!

In the meantime see the post that started it all over at Mummy From The Heart

Ashamed of my Child

Up until this morning I’ve always been a proud mama, sure my kids have managed to embarrass me on many occasions, but never had I felt ashamed of one of them.

Until today, and I must admit I’m finding it hard to process.

Our morning had gone well, considering it was the first day back after the Easter break, it went amazingly well, no tears, tantrums or rushing around.

It wasn’t until Ethan got on the school bus and responded to an innocent question from the teacher with a “Yes, you silly idiot” that things fell apart.

After getting over the shock of his out burst I took him off the bus, told him off, promised him we’d talk about this after school and asked him to apologise to his teacher for being rude.

Our perfect morning was shot to hell with some careless words and Ethan was left crying whilst I was torn between feeling ashamed of his uncharacteristic outburst and wondering where the heck he’s gotten the idea that it’s okay to talk like that.

His father and I both watch what we say around the boys, knowing how easily they pick things up we make sure not to say anything around them that is inappropriate, and whilst ‘silly idiot’ may not be the worst thing in the world to call some it is certainly something they have never heard from us.

I hate to admit it, but I feel not only ashamed of his little outburst but also disappointed in him. He has been on the receiving end of bullies, and knows full well the impact of careless words. It’s disappointing that he’d make such a flippant remark to someone who has always treated him with respect and kindness, the shock on her face said it all.

I really do hate this feeling, it’s totally new and unexpected, I really hope it’s not something I become used to.

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