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How Does Your Garden Go

I’ve been feeling a little lost the past few days.

The boys are now getting a school bus to and from school.

Now I have all these hours to fill, from 8am to 4.15pm I’m just pootling along, doing nothing in particular, feeling very alone and lost.

As much as I hated the school run, I loved it too. Those hours when it was just the boys and me were some of my favourite.

So, I decided to go for a wonder around Old Town, the house is spookily quiet when I’m on my own, and a walk in the park sounded perfect to clear my foggy head.


I adore this ‘tunnel’ formed by the trees.

pink and white blossom

a pretty white blossom tree

alone on the steps

A lone dandelion on the steps, felt rather apt as I was indulging in my own pity party.

bench before a lamppost

blanket of petals

Even the petals which had fallen on the ground are pretty.

blue bells

cloud porn

duke the dog

Here lies Duke, he was a dog. Woof.

Despite being to the park a few times, I’d never noticed this before, observant aren’t I!

lonely little building

The loneliest building in the park.

pink blossom in a tree

pink in green

pretty after a fall

How gorgeous are these. I always feel kinda bad for the flowers which have dropped, it’s as though they no longer serve a purpose.

pretty in pink

weeds and blooms

red and white trees

Looks like autumn hasn’t left or maybe it’s early.



The squirrels in this park are crazy calm. Just sitting there, digging the ground, searching for nuts, or sitting on a stone, munching on nuts.

Aren't they cute in a ‘bite your arm off and give you rabies and fleas kinda way’!

park entrance

This is one of the entrances / exits to the park, always seems rather misleading. It looks eerie, not a hint of the beauty and calm beyond.

The walk did indeed help calm my pity party for one, thank goodness for open spaces.

I shall be linking up with the lovely Annie over at Mammasaurus for another roundup of posts celebrating all thing garden, planty and bloomy.

National Gardening Week ~ How To Make Fairy Garden

Today marks the last day of National Gardening Week, there are however numerous incentives to keep you and your children interested in keeping your garden not just visually pleasing but also a natural habitat for all the critters that help our plants and flowers thrive.

One such incentive is by the RSPB and their Give Nature A Home

GNaH sign

{image by Eleanor Bentall}

Whilst making a fairy garden doesn’t appear on their list of projects to do, by making the fairy garden we have encompassed at least 2 of the projects; grow flowering plants and make dead wood piles, which isn’t too shabby!

How To Make A Fairy Garden

Step 1. Firstly you need to decide on a container or patch of garden to create the garden, we used an old Belfast sink, yet any kind of container or trunk of a tree would work just as well.

We filled our sink with broken pots for drainage and compost.

How to make a fairy garden, filling with compost

Step 2. Select and plant a selection of plants and flowers and seeds. We also have a selection of wild flowers seedlings, which once a little bigger will be sown in to the compost.

How to make a fairy garden selecting plants

Step 3. Add decorations / accessories to the garden.

We painted stones for a foot path, made a ‘house’ out of bamboo sticks and created little toadstools from painted door knobs, and of course added the ‘fairy’ sign.

How to make a fairy garden house

How to make a fairy garden sign and toad stool

How to make a fairy garden stone path with glitter

We didn’t want anything too big, as we want the flowers to be the main attraction.

How to make a fairy garden in a Belfast sink

We happen to have 2 Belfast sinks both of which we have up~cycled in to planters, we have linked them together with a ‘bridge’ made of deadwood, which makes a lovely little hideaway for bugs.

How to make a deadwood pile for the garden

How to make garden sign posts, bugs wooden hideout

The kids and I have really enjoyed working in the garden over the past few weeks, and it’s something we will certainly be continuing.

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