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‘Stupid is as stupid does’

Oh Katie Hopkins, will there ever be a time when you don’t try to court controversy and say stupid shit?

No, probably not.

I’m not sure why we continue to be shocked and disgusted by her verbal idiocy.

Perhaps we hope one day she will have an epiphany and realise that she doesn’t really want to be remembered for being nothing but a nasty, vindictive bullying individual.

I fear we will be waiting for a long while.

Her latest ignorant musings on depression and mental health are ill informed at best and dangerous at worst. Having lived with depression and PTSD for over 5 years I have nothing but disdain for her, and a little bit of pity.

I can’t imagine the loneliness that must be her life if these are her actual opinions, can you imagine wanting to be friends with this woman? Nope, neither can I.

But what I really pity her for is the fact that 1 in 5 of us will suffer from some form of depression; I wonder if it will be herself, her husband or one of her 3 children, statistically one of them will be affected by depression.

I wonder if she will mock them, scoff at their thoughts of worthlessness and suicidal thoughts. Perhaps she’ll be really ‘helpful’ and flush their antidepressants and throw a pair of trainers at them.

I do hope she realises just how irresponsible and ignorant her words are before depression comes knocking on her door.

Silent Sunday


It’s been a most confusing week, can’t wait until these are a regular sight once again.

Wilderness in London ~ Country Kids

I do love discovering new to me places and a recent stay at the in laws didn’t disappoint.

Considering I lived with them for a short while and have visited often I was beyond delighted to discover a lovely little wilderness park just across the road from them, perfect for the twins to have a run about and see a bit of nature.

One thing I can’t stand about London now it just how busy and loud it is, I’ve been spoilt by the coastal charms. Yet this park, right in the middle of a busy metropolitan city was perfectly peaceful and just…ahhh lovely, a great reminder that you don’t have to get out of the city to get back to nature.

afternoon sun on daffs

Spring in Bloom–How Does Your Garden Grow

I think Charles Dickens sums up the past few days well

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade”

sunshine behind daffs


You’d be forgiven for thinking the most newsworthy events this week are some bloke leaving a band and some older dude getting sacked from a job he loved for no justifiable reason.

You wouldn’t think there is a General Election taking place in just over a month, nor that an aeroplane has crashed killing all 150 passengers.

You wouldn’t think there were countries at war: Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Ukraine, Burma…

In Kabul a suicide bomber has killed 6 people.

37 people died when 3 buses crashed in northern Peru.

It’s truly disgusting and a mark of just how disassociated we’ve become with real issues that leading news stories of the day are a boy band and an angry man who punched a work colleague.

It’s a sad day indeed when comments like “…the entire country is mourning” and “…gone forever. This is a sad day” refer to a TV show about cars rather than the senseless deaths of men, women and children.

The media, and many many people out there should be ashamed of themselves this week.

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