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Silent Sunday

early morning fishing

We’ve been asked more than once what on earth made us move from the glamour of Croydon to the South Coast, ummm I think this photo says it all really!

We’re both Londoners but I honestly can’t ever see us wanting to live somewhere to busy ever again.

The Week That Was

You know those weeks which come along and just kick your arse, this has been that week.

I mean, you just know it isn’t going to go well when you get absolutely no sleep whatsoever on Sunday night.

This has been a week of meh


Umm yeah, well the less said about this day the better. I managed to get everything done I needed to, but nothing else.

coffee yawns

A Breath of Fresh Air

We had planned to take the boys to the park after school on Friday afternoon, but discovering they both had chickenpox Thursday morning means we have to keep them home from school.

Knowing they were both soon to be feeling awful, itchy and just plain old pain in the butts whilst they deal with the pox we decided to head out to the park whilst it was sunny and quiet so they could have a run about before being stuck indoors.

Fresh air impoverishes the doctor. - Proverbs

They had oodles of fun in the play park, thankfully there were no other kids around so they got to keep all their poxy germs to themselves.

Umm can you tell they dressed themselves?

chickenpox dudes

How Does Your Garden Grow

This week I decided to head out to the local park to see if Spring was making herself known there and I was pleasantly surprised to see signs of Spring popping up.

There were patches of Snowdrops and Crocus’s all over the place, those at the base of trees looked particularly lovely.


Back to School Blues

It seems as though I’d only just got used to the little tinkers being under foot again and before I knew it they were clambering aboard the school bus to be taken away for another day of learning.

back to school


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