Clean home, clean living!

A little late to the party, but I have finally got myself sorted out and caught up on the challenges so far on a bowl full of lemons! yay!

Day 7 Pantry

At the moment we don't have a pantry, in a few weeks we will have a pantry / laundry room, at last, so I had to make do with sorting out a food cupboard,


I took everything out, gave the cupboards a good clean and put anything out of date in the bin (oops), I put everything that we are keeping back in some order, jars, tins boxes together, and the boys food stuff on one side. I couldn't reach the top shelf, too short!, (note to self: buy a step stool)


I'm kinda happy with it, but just reminds me how much easier kitchen organisation will be once the pantry is here!

Day 6 Dresser draws

This is something I hate doing, isn't there some stat somewhere about how we only use 10% of our wardrobe 90% of the time and 90% of our wardrobe 10% of the time! This is so true for me, I can never bring myself to throw things out, I just pile new on top of old. I'm sure one day I will fit into that lovely top I got from Gap about 6 years ago, and those pre twin pregnancy jeans will fit like a glove any day now ( I honestly cried when my bump grew to big for them).

Like a clutz I forgot to take my before pic, but I literately couldn't even close the draws, and now everything has its own draw. I also sorted out Spencer's and the boys dresser draws, I had no idea they had half the clothes they do!


Day 5 Under the kitchen sink

This is one I was actually dreading. Spiders live under the sink and I HATE SPIDERS, maybe hate is a bit strong, but I can't stand them, I have 'spidar' I just walk into a room and almost instantly I know if one is in the room, and I had a bad feeling about the cupboard under the sink. But like the big girl I am, I put on my rubber gloves and set to work!

I took everything out the cupboards, emptied all bottles with only a drop left in and recycled the empties, anything which shouldn't be in there was put in a more suitable place, and the whole thing swept and washed out.

Most things I put back are now in small storage boxes and in some kind of order, such as dish washing, everyday items, kitchen towels etc.

Nice and clean

I'm really pleased with how this has worked out, and bonus only 1 teeny tiny spider.

Day 4 Linen Closet 

We don't have a linen closet, instead we use a blanket box to store all our bed sheets, towels and my pjs (I have a pj problem, over 20 sets).
It's been to easy to just throw things in the box and smoosh the lid down, it was only when taking everything out I realised there were duvet covers we hadn't used in 5 years!

I got about 2 sacks full of linens and clothes out of here! I cleaned out the bottom, dust bunnies get everywhere, and decided what should stay and what must go.
I sorted everything in to piles; pjs, towels and sheets. Each was nicely folded, pjs matched and put away, towels put away according to size and duvet sets sorted and placed in side a pillow case, making it easier to take out everything I need when making the bed. As there was soooo much room left, I decided that my fluffy socks should go in to, as they get worn with the pjs it only seems right!
Nice and organised

I love this blanket box and am really pleased that not only now is it actually usable and but in order to clean inside I had to sort out everything that was on top, bonus!

Day 3 Tupperware cupboard

This one was rather painless, we don't actually have much Tupperware. But what we do have is crammed into one cupboard, which is stupid as every time you open the door something falls out, so a good sort out was definitely needed!

Just about staying in!

Anything without a matching lid, or hadn't been used in forever either binned or put out for recycling, the cupboard was cleaned out and sponged down. Lids were put in one box, all other boxes were stacked inside each other, bowls and jugs placed inside each other and put back in a nicely organised way.

Nothing going to fall now!

All this will be coming out in a few weeks to go into the pantry, this is all good practise for keeping that clean and organised!

Day 2 Desktop

The only desk in our house belongs to Spencer, and I'm allowed no where near it, my laptop 'lives' anywhere where my boys can't reach it. Which changes on an almost daily basis! So I decided to clear the dresser counter, it has become a dumping ground for everything and anything, but as my printer 'lives' there it's at least computer related.

My craft items were put away with the other crafty bits and everything else put where it should be and that was about it, but seeing it all nice and tidy made me realise what a great piece of furniture it is and I shouldn't be hiding it under junk!

After, lovely
Day 1 Junk draw

We had only cleared this out a few weeks ago so wasn't to bad, but I still managed to trow somethings out.

A mess!

Although a mess there wasn't actually much in there that shouldn't have been.

Order is restored

Well, I completed all the challenges, some better than others, but I have realised that it doesn't actually take that long to clean and organise areas in my home and when it's done I feel surprisingly happy. Something about cleanliness and structure to my house is definitely a good thing and is something which will be part of my families daily routine, just need to get some more containers for everything and I'll well on my way. Looking forward to tomorrows challenge, now off to put the laundry away. x