Cute storage!

So cute!

Hi, hope all is well? My boys are teething and having a horrid time with it, poor guys!

I picked up some really cute jars from my local craft shop the other day, which are ideal for storing smaller craft and sewing items, such as bows, buttons, pegs etc. I don't know about you, but when I'm crafting I really enjoy being able to see these items, I find they can actually inspire me and the rest of the time they just look pretty!

At almost £8.00 a jar there was no way I could justify buying as many as I would have liked.

Love the hand painted star's at the
bottom of the jars

Luckily I have seen
a similar type of jar in Ikea  for around £1.50, they have the same style lid and have stars around the outside. I think with a little spray paint, twine and small jingly bells they could be made super cute. I'm off to Ikea next week so will be buying some and trying this out, I will post my results next Saturday!

I've made some progress on the stool, taken off the 5 or so layers of paint, and and am now deciding which colour I should paint it! Decisions decisions!

Check back tomorrow and hopefully I'd have made up my mind xx