Daddy has mail!

As promised here is the post box and first note from the boys to daddy.  We had a great day decorating, by which I mean the boys got paint everywhere whilst I papered over the post box and got the note sorted!

I used some fantastic art work which I got from shabbyprinces, pop over and have a peek, they have a great shop, some lovely freebies and tutorials if like me you need a few tips!

Spencer loved it, so much in fact that he's going to make a scrapbook to put them all in and wants to put a shelf up in the hallway for the post box to sit on. Such a simple and esy way to record memories, love it!

This weekend we're off to the charity shops to pick up some picture frames, we have a blank wall that needs filling, and pictures would be perfect, if we pick up anything interesting I shall pop a picture on here.