Daddy mail!!

I was speaking to Spencer the other day and reaslised how lucky Iam to able to spend time at home with the twins, and be there for all the great times, which got me thinking about all the things Spencer misses out on whilst he's at work. so I have decided that everyday Spencer is at work I shall fill out a short journaling card with something great the boys did that day, and maybe include some of their art work or other momentos of the day, I shall then put them in the 'Daddy Post Box'....

I got this some time last year, then realised I had nothing to do with it, and now I do!

Tomorrow I will decorate it and put the first bit of post in. I was thinking we could put the 'post' either in the boys scrapbooks or their memory boxes, either way it will give us a chance to keep records of some of the 'small' things which we might other wise forget, if you know what I mean!! Check back tomorrow to see the decorated post box and I shall let you know how it went.