Day 11 The Freezer

Hi all,

Naughty me, always playing catch up! I must admit cleaning / organising the freezer is'nt something I've ever really thought about but I'm sooooo pleased I've done it! I aas able to go from a mess to orgnised and I know whats in there, which means I can plan some meals!


There's me always saying 'we have nothing for dinner' when in fact there are tons of meals in the freezer just waiting to be put together!

Here is what I started with

Overstuffed & messy

I took all the draws out, cleaned the inside of the freezer, emptied all the all the draws and gave them a good clean to (how does a freezer get so dirty). I sorted out all the food, what to keep and what to go, and allocated draws to different foods; veggies and potatoe products, meat, fish and chicken and the last draw for sauces, herbs and bread (and a sneeky tub of ice cream). I put everything back in it new place, have loads of room left and can see easily what is in there!

 Organised (ok 2 tubs of ice cream)

I must admit this is one of my favourite tasks, as it's one I probably never would have thought of! Thanks Toni!!