Day 12 The Spice Cabinet

Hi all,

 Todays challenge over at a bowl full of lemons is the spice cabinet, if you haven't checked it out yet go now (you won't be sorry).We don't have a spice cabinet as such, we just used a shelf for spices and such and a cupboard for condiments, not sure why!

Anyhoo, here we go..

Spice shelf

Condiment cupboard

Everything came out, dates checked and any thing past it's best disposed off. I then clean the shelf and cupboard and gave all the bottles and jars a good wipe over. Tins etc went in another cupboard and I began putting things back in a sensible organised manner.

This is what I ended up with

Love it

I love this task, as not only am I more organised, but I had a spare shelf which I do this with

 I have a thing about silly mugs and now have a place for my Santa and Christmas Pudding mugs, my cute espresso cup and my tea pot! Which has freed up valuable space on my counters! Love love love it! I'm almost sad to think there are only 9 challenges left!


  1. Your mugs are adorable! How awesome that you wound up with a spare shelf. :) I'm sad there's only 9 challenges left, too. Yesterday I was thinking that she could probably do a 3-month challenge or something and have enough areas for us to work on (I know my house needs it!) Great job and keep up the good work!

  2. looks great! well done.

    I love the cupcake tea pot, very cute!

  3. Check out the Fly Lady! I am a Fly Baby and it is a life plan! I'm planning to take a picture of all 21 challenges when it is over to kind of check-in, see what's still working, what's not. I have already tweaked a few of them for functionality. I am thinking Groundhog Day may be a good day to do this re-cap.

  4. Looks AMAZING. I love how you lined everything up, makes my heart pitter patter :)

  5. All your organizing is making me so jealous...especially the spices! We have the most awkward shelf for spices and there's no way to keep it from being anything but messy. Yours looks great!

  6. I like that you used baskets for your spices. Keeps them all together and makes it easy to pull it all down to find the one you need!


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