Day 13 The Medicine Cabinet - Part 2!

Hi all,

As I don't have a medicine cabinet, I decided to tackle the mess that is our bathroom cabinet, not something I was looking forward to! (which also doubles as day 14, under the sink, as I don't have anything else in the bathroom, I shall find something else to do instead)

Eeeekkkk! Why is there so much in there?!

I started by taking everything out, and getting rid of anything either empty or no longer used, and gave it a good clean put. All my things went in to a plastic tub and Spencer's into a wire basket (need to get some matching ones), odds and sods, kept for visitors and short trips away are stored in the goldish bag (it was free, don't judge). I refolded all the towels and put these back nice and neat. Anything used everyday was put in the wicker basket for easy access, along side spare candles.

I took everything off the top of the cabinet, gave it a good clean and only put back those things actually used and needed.

I was kinda pleased with the results, but I know I could have done better, but it is Sunday!

 I have no idea why we keep collecting so much junk in the bathroom, but we really need to stop hoarding so much, does anyone have any tips?!

I'm really looking forward to the rest of the challenges over at a bowl full of lemons, never thought I would see the day when I looked forward to and enjoyed cleaning, just wait 'til I tell my mum!


  1. It looks great! I love the feeling of getting all organized! :-)


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