Day 18 Getting Organised Challenge - Keepsakes

Hi all,

Yippee! No 3 hour task today, 30 minutes putting a few bits into the boys keepsake boxes and a few tears looking at some of the things already in them and I was done!! Hurrah!

The house I live in now is about number 20, and at only 30 that's rather alot, due to all the moves I don't have much in the way of keepsakes. There is a box in the loft with some things in, but they remind me to much of people no longer here, today is not the day to go down that road, so I concentrate more on the boys.

When they were born we got these cute boxes to store things in. Ain't they cute, these boxes live on a shelf in the living room, accessible to us but out the boys reach!

In each one we have stored some ultra sound pictures, their name bands from when they were born, the bottle they had their first feed from (I was very ill and unable to breastfeed), the little hats they wore when they were born, cards, letters from Santa and a few other knickknacks.

Ethan's box

Ethan's box, has more in it, mostly from his numerous stays in hospital, we were told to keep mementos of the experiences as these would help us explain to him everything that happened to him. You can see his oxygen mask and cables, he has a ridiculous number of name bands, we keep finding them all over the house!

We have also kept his hospital gown, a diary from when he was in intensive care and the splints for his arms, it's a strange collection but it reminds me every time I see it just what an amazing journey he's been on. Oh, and Blue Ted, this little thing kept Ethan company all through hospital, wouldn't let him go, as soon as Ethan was out Blue Ted got replaced by blankie, so he now stays here. don't tell Ethan, but he's not the original Blue Ted, some nasty nasty person took him out Ethan's crib in hospital, still makes me mad.

Ahren's box is a little sparse compared to Ethan's, but just as special.

You can't see it very well, but this is one of my favourite pictures of Ahren, it looks like he's blowing smoke or bubbles or something! The consultant said he burped, charming!

As the boys get older and create more keepsakes, I will make scrapbook folders for each one, so I can put a little note as to when it was created and why I kept it, at the moment they don't really create anything to keep, they still like painting each other, the floors and walls rather than paper!

There is one keepsake that is just so precious,

The one on the left is Ahren and on the right is Ethan, each paper circle represents how small their tummy was at each ultrasound scan, Spencer made these for me as a reminder that they were growing big and strong, getting ready to see mummy and daddy!

 I need somewhere else to store these, they are perhaps my favourite keepsake, and I don't want them getting to squashed!, any ideas?!

I shall look forward to seeing how others store their keepsakes, I need ideas for when the boys are bigger.


  1. What about putting each into a box picture frame? Then you can either hang them on the wall or store them in your keepsake box without them getting squished?
    p.s. nicely done :D

  2. Those are fantastic! My goal this year is to make keepsake boxes for each of my kids. Great job!!

  3. I agree with comment number one--from Samantha. You could make darling, meaningful, abstract, modern art! Pick a background paper (or blanket fragment, clothing, wallpaper, baby sheet (you get the idea)and put it in a frame with enough depth to enclose your tummy art! I personally would separate these and make small, square "pictures" and either mount each one in each kids room or mount a 3rd item and cluster them together. What a wonderful idea! I don't have kids, so I have never heard of such a thing but you have a brilliant, caring husband if he came up with it!

  4. What about some sort of a shadow box? You could put pictures of them as a background. You could decorate the frame with other momentos or even write on the frame. These could be so cute!


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