Day 19 - Getting Organised Challenge - The Master Closet

Hi all,

I'm just loving the challenges on a bowl full of lemons, check them out if you haven't already!

I had been dreading this one, so actually got started on it a few weeks ago.

We don't have a master closet as large as some out there but it's shocking just how much we have 'stored' in there over the years. It was the kinda closet you open really quickly to throw something on top of the pile then slam the door shut quickly to prevent it all escaping!

But no more! it was pretty grim when I started this a few weeks ago, I'm pleased I don't have a before pic, them shame would have been to much.

Anyhow, this is what I started with this morning...

Closet floor

Messy mess

Mostly Spencer's clothes

Everything came out, and I hoovered and cleaned inside. I decided what I needed was a shelf, so I got the tape measure, told Spencer what I wanted and he got me a shelf, yay!

Summer clothes were put in to some clear plastic tubs and tucked into one corner, the shoe rack was put against the back wall and the clothes put back, minus all the unused hangers! On the shelf I put some sweaters, handbags, hat box and some pillow inserts I don't want ruined. Handbags I use most often were hung on the back of the door.

This is how it looks now...

We now have a closet which can actually be used, I still have to dispose of the unwanted hangers but will keep them here until I find somewhere to donate them. We will put another shelf in and sort it out even more but I'm really pleased so far.

As I have found with most of these challenges, doing this one has had a knock on effect, whilst sorting out the closet I also tackled some of my craft stock, which prompted  Spencer to finally move his candle making equipment into the craft room, which frees up the 'pantry and laundry room' for measuring up! Yay


  1. Ohh it looks soo pretty! I am going to have to do this challenge because it is my husband's closet.. and boy is it messy! Great job!


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