Day 20 Getting Organised Challenge - Photos

Hi all,

Ohhh this is a nice easy one! Why? Because we have hardly any photos!! Although this challenge is made super duper easy by the lack of photos, it's also kinda sad, I only have 3 photos of me as a child!!

I went round the house and gathered all the photos which are not already in frames.

I grabbed the 3 photo albums just so it didn't look to sad!

I organised them best I could in to years, some I'm not sure about so will check these with others before allocating to a year.

Using so Bo Bunny papers I made some dividers, one for each year I have pictures.

I need to get some small laminator pockets to laminate the paper dividers, but they are working great for now!

I had this cute little box from Ikea for to keep photos in.

We do have 1000's of photos but they are all stored on a hard drive, we love to sit and watch the slide shows of the pictures, Spencer has made digital  albums with songs on to accompany the pictures! I can never decide which pictures to have on display and photo albums don't really get used. I'm currently making scrapbooks to store some photos this will be another great way to store them!

If you haven't already, head over to a bowl full of lemons, to catch up on the Getting Organised Challenge.


  1. Very nice job. Thanks for linking up!

  2. ya all my pictures are digital too.

    great job!

  3. We have 1000s digitally too,and I am loving digital scrap-booking.

  4. Looks great, came over from a bowl full of lemons.

  5. My recent pictures are all digital also. Made an online baby book for the little one's first year;-)

  6. I have SO many photos on the computer, too. I'm hoping to make some scrapbooks for the boys {it's been on my list of things to do for 5 years now - - yikes}. I love that you watch slide shows. I should do that with the kidlets.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Looks great. I like your scrap paper dividers...very cute!


  8. Nicely done! I've got tons digital too, but since I'm scrapbooking again, I am printing them out like mad and they were everywhere! So happy for this project to be done!


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