Day 21 Getting Organised Challenge - The Boys Closet

Hi all,

It's day 21 of the challenge, check out a bowl full of lemons if you want to know more, and we get to choose what to organise!!! 

Now I just want to say, mum if you ever read this, I soooo could have cheated, but I didn't!! I have pictures to prove it

My boys closet is lovely, it was handmade for us by Spencer's father, and it's one of my favourite things in the house, but sadly keeping it organised has never been a priority, stupid I know, all those mornings going mad trying to find them something to wear and don't even get me started on p.j's at bedtime.

Here are the before photos, you can tell we used to just throw things in, I had drawers, baskets and cupboards allocated to different items, but this was pointless if you just throw it all in!

You can see there is actually loads of storage, 2 cupboard things 3 shelves with baskets and 3 huge deep drawers. I started with the cupboards and took out everything I knew the boys no longer needed, this were all put in a bag for donating.  I then hung up all zip ups and hoodies on one side and folded all blankets and sheets and placed them on the shelf in one cupboard. In the other I hung all their shirts, smart trousers, jumpers and polo shirts.

Next was the top drawer which is divided in to 2 sections, in one half I folded and paired up their t-shirts, in the other half I folded and placed their jeans, sweats and shorts.

The next drawer contains all their p.js and towels, all nicely folded and paired, anything to small went in the donation bag.

The bottom drawer is where I keep nappies, wipes and other bits and bobs for the boys, I took out anything that didn't need to be in there and arranged it all.

The 3 baskets contain socks, hats, mittens and other small items, I went through each one and removed anything to small, never mind Kleenex for yesterday photo challenge, looking at tiny baby socks and mittens is sure to bring anyone to tears (or is it just me?). Before putting the baskets back I wiped the shelves down.

Looks much better, that little hand you can see to the left, is Ethan, the whole time doing this task they were 'helping' mummy!

I'm actually quiet embarrassed that we let the closet get in to such  state when it was such a nice gift, will definitely keep it organised from now on.

I should just say, that blue thing on the cupboard is an inflatable bed, I would put it in the loft but I'm banned from going up there as every time I do I start eyeing up things to take a apart, paint or whatever!! Spencer can move that when he gets home from work, and the red thing smooshed between the closet and the wall is a pop up tent, which is a fab idea, until you can't find the bag to store it in and need to smoosh it between things to prevent it from popping up!!

Well another challenge done, and I need more!! I know I could just tackle problem areas in my house myself but something about this challenge has really given me the kick up the bum to get things done, I feel like the nerdy kid at school who would ask for extra homework!

Hope you have all enjoyed these challenges, can't wait to see what Toni has in store next time!

Have a fab Tuesday!


  1. Wow what a transformation!! That's fantastic!

  2. Looks fantastic! I organized my boys' closet right before the challenge and it took HOURS to do - - I had a very similar before picture. :) Great work!

  3. looks great - did you know that the word is actually drawer?

  4. yeah! it looks great! My boys closet is screaming for help too, time for me to get busy!

  5. Wow, doesn't it feel great with it all nice and tidy?! :D I wish mine would stay that way when i do it though...

    This challenge sounds like a lot of fun! a way. :D I wonder if i can make time to do this...hmmmm....


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