Driftwood Picture Frame

Hi all,

This is something I made a while ago, but wanted to share with you. If you live by the coast or are planning a trip any time soon, keep an eye out for pieces of driftwood. The bigger the piece  the better, once dried out, they can be transformed quickly and easily into the most stunningly beautiful, individual picture frames.

I found this whilst taking a walk on the beach with Spencer and my neice, at first it was used as a bat to hit a ball for Maddy to catch! It was only when we still had it when we arrived home, I knew I just had to do something with it!

If your lucky enough to find a good sized piece, dry it out completely, and decide where you would like the pictures to go. Then using a saw cut out your picture holes, none of the one's I did are perfect, but this only adds to the rustic charm!

I secured a thin piece of MDF to the back, this helps keep the pictues in place, two hooks and a piece of jute, and its ready to hang on the wall.

I haven't decided which pictures to put in it yet, but it look perfect on the stairway wall, the shelf has other nicknacks from beach walks or holidays. The pictures are of my boys at 3 months old, can you see their teenytiny hand and foot prints? not very coastal, but still cute!

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