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Hi all,

Having made one of these jars for Spencer it thinking how Valentine's Day could really suck for some people if they don't have someone special to share it with, like my own mother. My father died 10 years ago and as it would have been their wedding anniversary on the February 1st, I figure February could be kinda difficult for her, so I decided to make a Jar of Love for her.

This will be from my boys to their Nana, it's the same idea, just a smaller jar decorated a little different, with notes from the boys telling her why it is she's so special.

I know it's nothing compared to having my father around, but everybody should know they are loved on Valentine's Day!


  1. what a sweet gift you are giving her. I am sure your mom will be really touched by these notes.

    thanks for stopping by. hope you enjoy your PB Chocolate Chip Brownies!

  2. Amanda! thanks for stopping by my blog- Ive looked around yours for a little bit- you have some cute stuff (and way to go on all the organizing) I love this Valentine idea- very cute and very personal.

  3. Good morning!Come on over to my blog and see that I awarded you as a stylish blogger...basically your on the top 15 every morning I read :) Have a great day!


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