Jar revamp!

I finally got to go craft shopping yesterday, woohoo! We had planned to go in December but then the snow came, then the twins were teething and Christmas and New Year arrived!

With our closest Hobby Craft and Ikea a 120 mile round trip away, it was a long day but well worth it. I picked up some great bits and pieces and have loads of ideas as to how to revamp them, some of which will be on here in the future.

Any hoo, I managed to get some more storage jars, which I jazzed up to go with the ones I already have. I shan't call this a tutorial, but this is how I did it.

Jar in original state
I used tape to mark 2 sections around the jar, one at the top and one at the bottom, using these I painted star's on to the jar using acrylic enamel.

Tape sections around the jar and decorate

While the paint was drying I used plasti-kote enamel to paint the lid creme de la creme.

Spray paint lid

Once the jar was dry, I wrapped bakers twine round the bottom of the lip of the jar several times, using glue dots to keep it in place. After 3 or 4 layers of bakers twine, I placed small rusty bells on the twine and continued winding the twine around the jar until I was happy with the placement of the bells.

My finished jar

I'm really pleased with the end result, it provides great storage for my ribbons!

My jar on the right, craft store jar on the left

I've spent most of the day trying to catch up on the challenges over on a bowl full of lemons I never realised cleaning and organising would feel so great, its such a good feeling to do something and see a result! Well I'd better get back to the house work, enjoy the rest of the weekend x  


  1. Okay so as if the jar isn't cute enough . . . how great is your ribbon storage idea!!! Man oh man . . . that is outstanding!


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