My first completed project!!

Here is a photo of the restyled stool, please excuse the newspaper underneath, didn't want wet paint dripping! The paint looks white in the photo but it's actually a lovely shade of green which will go really well in the master bedroom. I used some scrap fabric and a couple of pieces of wadding to make a cushion, slightly over sized to prevent my little guys from walking in to corners.

I think it looks much better  now, than the snow covered mess it was when I first saw it. Although it has awoken my 'restyling' side and I'm looking at our furniture in a new way, as in 'what needs a make over?'. Might head over to the local Salvation Army store where they sell some amazing pieces of furniture at amazingly low prices, think I should have a bit more practise before I start on the house!

Hope everyone is having  good week so far and not feeling to down about the return to work x