Plain bag to Cute bag!

Hi all,

I'm sure we all try to do our bit to help the environment, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to reduce our use of plastic bags. You know how it is, you go out shopping and before you know it you have handfuls of plastic bags, and if your really 'lucky' you get to pay for them!

Well I'm fed up of plastic bags, so I thought I would take my own. But who wants a plain cotton bag? Not me!! So I got a couple of these plain cotton totes and have decided to jazz them up myself, and if left on the coat rack by the front door I'm much more likely to take one with me.

With valentines day just around the corner I decided on a fun heart theme for this one.

First off,  I used a template to draw a large heart shape on to the wrong side of the cotton which I then cut out, I then cut out smaller hearts onto a contrasting fabric. I placed these on the bag until I was happy with the size and number of hearts. 

Fabric cut and ready to sew

I then hand stitched the smaller hearts onto the larger one, after deciding where to place the image one the bag I stitched the whole thing onto the front of the bag using a white ric rac trim.

Hand stitching ric rac trim

And here it is,  it looks cute and is practical. I will definitely be taking it out with me when I go to the shops!

My new bag!

I have a few more of these cotton bags, which I'm planning to jazz up in the next few weeks, I shall post these on here soon.

Have a great week.