Spring wreath

Hi all,

I'm really stoked to share with you my first attempt at making a wreath! I love anything yellow and with spring just around the corner (wishful thinking I know) I knew just what to do!

I had some fabic petals, which I'd brought from Ikea years ago, which I sewed together to make flowers comprised of 4 petals.

I then used tiny pins to attach the flowers to the foam wreath, and used a cute yellow ribbon to hang it up with!

I haven't used glue so that in a few months I can use the same foam wreath to make a summer wreath, then an autumn and winter one, can't wait!


  1. Very pretty! And this gives me hope that spring is slowly on its way! : )

  2. Oh I love love this wreath....im making one today its so gorgeous! Great idea!

  3. they look like yellow poppies...pretty

  4. Just so you know, I am kind of obsessed with wreaths & this one is gorgeous! Great job!


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