Valentine's Day Mantel

Hi all,

I'm really pleased to link my first ever Valentine's Day Mantel to The Stories of A to Z

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, most of the elements are made by either myself or Spencer.

Spencer made these candles for me, I just love them! They are so cute.

These are a few Valentine's Day gifts I have made.

The garland is made from a selection of hearts I cut out of handmade paper, it has great texture. On several hearts I have written what love means to me, from 'Love is butterflies in my tummy every time I see you' to 'Love is holding onto my child whilst he vomits all over me' (Any other time if I see vomit, I instinctively vomit myself, eewww, I really do love that boy!!) Sorry if TMI

The two hearts I made from some scrap fabric I had, stuffed with wadding and decorated with some tiny bows.

The twiggy heart and bow garland is decorated with the LOVE banner made by Kalleen on At Second Street

I have a few other Valentine's Day decorations and gifts I'm working on, hope you will check back soon!


  1. I love it! It's very sweet! Great job for your first one! :)

  2. It's amazing what we can do for our own kids isn't it? lol love the 'stuffed' hearts!

  3. i love your written on hearts garland.. that is a super cute idea! i did something similar with leaves around thanksgiving about what we're thankful for.. i'd love to hear about what everyone loves now! :) thanks for the comment!


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