Almost completed!

Hi all,

I'm stoopidly excited! I have everything ready to start putting my HMB together, yay!

This challenge reminds me of term projects at school, I'd get so excited buying folders, paper, pens and a whole manner of stationary items which I didn't really need but looked very cute yet cool, having the 'right stationary' was important for some reason!!

Anyhoo, here's everything that is going in the HMB!

When I sat down to think about what to put in, I used some of Toni's ideas, and developed some of my own. I want the binder to be our one central source of information for everything that makes our family tick along, whether it's schedules, family activities or utility provider information.

I haven't finished everything, I still need to put in some details, but I have enough material to put it together.

I made some cute little pockets which fit in the binder to hold mini daily to do lists for when I'm out and don't want a diary or long list on me, reward coupons for the boys and a pocket to hold coupons, this way I know where these smaller items are without having to go through the whole binder.


I got carried away watching TV and put 'Family Management Binder' on the front of the binder, with really cute polka dot letters, so from now on it shall be referred to as FMB, which actually makes more sense to me; I'm managing my family, not just a home!!

You can probably tell I like my polka dots and yellow, I have 4, yes four, rooms painted yellow in my house!

I shall go into more detail on the contents tomorrow, I'm trying to make this as eco friendly as I can and will let you know how I'm trying to do that!

Hope your all having fun getting your binders together!


  1. Looks great love it we are in a snow storm right now 4-8 ins great fun going hom to stew yummy

  2. That is so cute! Talking about organization. You're not the only one who gets excited over pens, binders and paper. I love when all the school supplies come out. I'm even a teacher! lol
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi - I'm stoppoing over from the linky party for the binder challenge. I love how colorful yours is. Mine seems so bland by comparison. I'll have to jazz it up.

    I also peeked at your "naughty or nice" post. I LOVE that idea and I think I'll do it, too, just for fun!


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