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Hi all,

Yesterday I put my FMB together, love it, whilst compiling it I realised there was the potential for a heck of a lot of paper waste. This got me to thinking if there were any ways I could get the most out of the FMB without using tons of paper, and I'm pleased to say there is! yay

First of, print double sided if you can, I knocked up some simple menu / shopping list combos, on one side I can write the weekly dinners and on the other I can list all the shopping I need for that week, out of 1 A4 sheet I get two lists.

Sorry for poor photo!
They may not be the most glamorous but they will serve a purpose!

I wanted a master to do list, I found a great printable on get buttoned up, the website also has some great tips on planning and organising.

The to do list comes in 2 parts, on the first sheet you list all your to do's, chores, errands, contacts for the week, on the second you allocate to do's, chores, errands etc to take care of each day. I printed 1 sheet of each, and laminated each one, this way I can erase everything at the end of the week and start again. So I shall be organised and eco, yay!

Whilst I was sorting reward coupons for the twins, and jotting some cute little notes to hide in Spencer's work bag, I thought what about me??? Here's little ol' me sorting out this wonderful FMB for my family, and what rewards do I get when the laundry is done, the housework is completed and a meal on the table?! (I'm only half kidding, I know my greatest reward is my wonderful family)

I remembered at primary school we used to get 'whoopie' stickers for good work, so in my moment of crazy mummy genius I have decided to design some 'mummy reward coupons', I shall post more on this later!

Hope your all enjoying this challenge.


  1. I'm all about the Mommy rewards. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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