It's coming, no not Christmas!!

Hi all,

Does anybody else feel it? Honestly it’s so close; I’m getting super excited, what is this crazy lady on about… Spring of course!!

Don’t get me wrong I just love, love, love winter, but enough already! This one seems to be longer, darker, wetter and just all round more miserable than most.

But hurray, for this morning I had a look in the garden and saw snow drops and pansies starting to bloom, birds were singing away in the trees behind our garden!

It’s the kind of morning when you just know you’re going to have a good day, so to mark the occasion I decided to make a few bright and colourful topiaries.

One is made from faux petals, stitched together in groups of 4 and inserted into a polystyrene ball with pins.

The other is made from circles cut out of yellow gingham fabric, the edges trimmed with pinking shears, each circle was folded in half then folded in half again, a blob of hot glue on the bottom and smooshed on to a polystyrene ball.

The candle sticks were just knocking around in the loft, they look much better now, don’t you think?

What plans have you got for bringing a little Spring into your home?

Transformation Thursday


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