The Launch Pad

Hi all,

Some of you guys, including me, probably thought this challenge was gonna get the better of me! But, I'm pleased to say it didn't.

Walking past the local Salvation Army store I did a double take and almost ran in the store to get a little something, you shall see it another time (I'm such a tease!), on my way to the counter to pay I saw this little beauty.

Actually, it's pretty ugly, but with a little sanding, a few coats of paint and varnish I have this cute little stand, love it!

Underneath is room for shoe's, we only need a pair each, others are kept upstairs and brought out when needed, a basket sits on the shelf which has gloves, scarfs, brolly, handbag and a bag to carry shopping.

On the top shelf, a stoopidly cute heart shaped basket I got a few weeks ago, for keys, change and other nick knacks.

On the shelf are 4 pegs, one for each of us, with a maximum of 2 coats / jackets each (pet peeve is having to smush coats down just to walk past them), I've put 2 little hooks underneath to hold the boys back packs. On the top shelf I store the rain cover for the buggy and a cute little bucket with potpourri, I like to walk in the house and have a nice welcoming fragrance.

I have decided to store the buggy when not in use in the boys playroom, it's out the way there and wont cause any harm.

So, whilst I may not have the biggest or brightest of entry ways, I have made it work for us!

Now I'm going to make a start on the recipe binder! woo hoo