They work! Mummy Reward Sticks update!!

Hi all,

I'm pleased to let you know that the reward sticks work!

After almost two weeks of the twins suffering from gastroenteritis, horrid for them and very upsetting for us to see them so distressed, I felt like I was ready to drop.

Then this morning darling Ahren wakes up at 5am, letting us know he had done his first proper pee for about 3 days and is feeling better, Spencer sends me back to bed and gets up with Ahren. At 7:30 I twaddle downstairs and am given a coffee and told that Ahren has chosen a reward for me cause he woke me up so early, and the little darling had picked out two sticks, yay!!

He's such a good boy!!
So I get sent back up to bed with my coffee whilst Spencer took the boys out, uninterrupted snooze time, bliss!

I slept in until about 10:30, it was soooo good, and to top it off, Spencer also has to make my favourite dinner and clean up after, what a great day this has turned out to be!

I'm sure Spencer being nice today has nothing to do with his friend inviting him out on Wednesday evening.......


  1. What a great idea with the reward sticks- mommys definitely deserve of those:-) Cute family and cute blog!


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