Waffles, I need some help!

Hi all,

Oh my, what a crazy few days!

We’ve had my mum and niece, Maddie, to stay this week; two crazy hyper 23 month old boys and a crazy hyper 10 year old girl….. needless to say my house looks a tip and my ears are still ringing from al the noise, but the best thing is Maddie totally knackered the boys out and they are sleeping like babies, yay for nieces!

But onto the incredibly important matter I need your help with. My wonderful mum brought me a waffle maker! I’m so excited, because I love all things waffle, from bed sheets to edible ones and everything in between, but I don’t have any recipes!!!

 Please help a girl out if you can and let me know of any fab recipes for waffles, I’ve done searches on Google but am always a bit sketchy about them!


  1. I've made cornbread waffles before with chili, and they were really yummy. Here's the recipe on my blog: http://readit-and-eat.blogspot.com/2010/01/cornmeal-waffles-with-spicy-chili.html


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