A week of two halves

Hi all,

 First off, woohoo and oh my goshness, I have over 100 followers! Seriously, who’d have thunk it? Not me, I’m so chuffed that anyone, let alone over 100 amazingly talented, sweet bloggy peeps would be interested in anything I have to say! So a huge thanks you to every one of you, you really have made my day!

Secondly, I’m having a week from hell so I may just be rambling nonsense, I shall give you just a smidge of the poopiness that is my week:

·        I lost my job
·        Washing machine knackered
·        Oven is also knackered
·        I got paint all over kitchen floor
·        Our telephone wires are messed up and need replacing
·        The gas man said our boiler was not safe to use, and slapped a warning sticker on it!!
·        Glued my leg to the newspaper
·        Then glued myself to the sofa
·        Ethan got a yellow pen and coloured in his face, a sofa, curtain, widow blinds and a wall
·        Two projects I’ve been working on are funked up
·        Our toaster caught fire
·        All 3 tires on the boy’s buggy have blown!!

So that’s my week so far in a nutshell, hopefully from here things can only get better, can’t they??!

Anyone else having an iffy week?

At least I still have my darling boys to cheer me up!


  1. Hope you week get better soon!

  2. Oh MY! Well I guess it could always be worse? Or wait...there is nowhere to go but up. Thats better :) Hope your week improves because I know at that point I might be a little more than stressed.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that your week has been so insane!! I've had a few days this/last week that threw me for a loop. Nothing seems to have went right. I learned the hard way that when I rise, God deserves my time first! :) Praying for you!!! PS I love your blog!

  4. Oh gosh, I'm sorry about the terrible week. Hopefully things will only go up from here!

    Congrats on 100 followers!


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