Blogging for Dummy

That means me!

I shall share with you what I learnt this week.

In GMail you can REPLY to comments OMG, there was me, copy and pasting email addresses from profiles, going to GMail and then emailing back! So if you’ve ever wondered why I’ve not replied now you know.

I now love that I can do this, yay, brings me one step closer to you all, in a totally non stalkerish kinda way!

Blogger Dashboard, if you click on ‘View in Google Reader’ it takes you to a whole new world of blogging! With pictures and stuff!! Every morning I would check in and open each blog I wanted to read via the Dashboard, and even though I now know about Google Reader, I prefer the dashboard!!! No idea why!
Having a huff at your blog and facebook does not make the two of them friends, I have opened, tried to link, tried to close and reactivated a facebook page in one LONG WEEK, honestly some of us are destined never to poke or be poked! Maybe I could be a Twit, perhaps I already am!

That word verification thingy, doesn’t always take you back to your comment!! Why? It takes you back to the top of the page, which makes me think my comment is published, but noooooooooooo, it’s at the bottom of the page waiting for a random selection of letters! So many inspirational / motivational/ wonderful comments left my little ol’ me, gone, forever, in to the endless void that is non - verified comment land.

And totally unrelated to blogging, but may help one day. DO NOT allow your toddler to pull the draining pipe out the wall!! No good can come of this activity, especially when the washing machine is on, and on a super duper draining every drop of water out the laundry cycle! All you end up with is a kitchen cupboard full of water, a kitchen floor under water, which then trickles in to the family room!!

I’m sure you guys already know all this stuff and a heck lot more too, please feel free to pass on any tips or advice, whether blog, plumbing or child rearing related!!


  1. Yesss, totally with you, expecially #4! And when I have a slow connection, having to wait for the page to load again, well no comment gets made.......and #5, I never had quite this problem but I did once have a hose that would jump out of the pipe when the washer went thru the spin cycle. Luckily the place wasn't built all that well and the water drained thru the space between the floor and the wall. Sounds like you had a very NOT fun mess.....

  2. Isn't it wonderful!I reply to a lot of my comments through gmail. You have a lovely blog., Hugs!

  3. Hahaha! I love your post. I'm glad you discovered the reply feature. It's really great, but I sometimes go comment on people's blogs rather than reply to their comments. Did you know that some have no-reply-comment-blogger as their email address and that means the emails will not send? :( I hate when that happens.

    Also, the word verification thing got me for a while too. Who knows how many comments I wrote never posted? Probably tons! haha

  4. These were great!! #4 has got me more then a few to that!! Thanks for stopping by & commenting the other totally made me smile!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ps...loved the denim bean them!!

  5. Yes I'm with you on these, i'm a real technophobe so the comment thing caught me out initially!! I'm still struggling to put my Adsense on there! Don't laugh

  6. Yes I'm with you on those. I'm a real technophobe so the comment thing caught me out initially too. I'm still struggling to get my Adsense to show on my page!!!! Don't laugh

  7. I have so been there....I don't think I've left actually. Lots of things that it seems other blogger know...I'm out of the loop on. Didn't even know about the whole Google Reader thing! Sheesh!
    I read your post about the boys further down.....thanks for letting me feel normal. :)
    Staying Home and Staying Sane

  8. Oh my goodness, Amanda, you've had a heck of a time. I do not have any advice, but I want you to know that you are not alone in not knowing how all this new fangled internet-blog-facebook-twitter-linkadoo stuff works. I am stumbling along and asking advice from a friend who knows a bit more than me. Also, I am having plumbing problems too, and should have gone to trade school to learn about it. Good luck with all of this and if I learn anything I can tell you, I will!

  9. Lol - I just learned this stuff as well. Was so happy I could reply with e-mail when I figured out hwo to set it up in Dashboard...

    You toddler pulling the drain pipe though, lol - very funny!

  10. Hey, thanks for this. I did not realize about the gmail thing. I too have tried the Google reader but prefer the dashboard. It seems like more work, I think?
    Now, as for the drain pipe..hmmm...that is a new one one me! :)


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