Fabric Yoyo Bracelet

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to make fabric yoyos for awhile, but never had anything to do with them! Until I thought of making several and turning them into a bracelet for my niece.

What you need:
Elastic to fit wrist
Fabric to cover wrist (I forgot this!)
Sewing stuff

Maddie is a very girly girl so I went with pink for my fabrics.

I used my wrist as my measuring guide, wrap a piece of elastic around your wrist, and snip a piece long enough to make a bracelet. 

I used a cardboard ribbon holder as my circle template.

After cutting out each circle, I threaded my needle and folded over a small hem, I inserted the needle through the underside of the hem and began sewing a running stitch all the way round the circle,

Once this was done, I pulled the thread tight so the fabric bunch up, pushing it flat to make a yoyo.

I added a few stitches to stop it falling apart; threading the needle through the centre of the yoyo I passed it through the elastic and then back through.

 Placing a small button in the centre of the yoyo I stitch the button and yoyo securely to the elastic.

After making several more yoyos and attaching them in the same way, 

I used a heart shaped button to secure the two ends of elastic together.

Here it is, isn’t it just too cute?

Making such small yoyos isn’t difficult but can be a bit fiddly. I probably should have started of with a larger one!

Next time I would cover the elastic but I got a little carried away making yoyos!!

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