A peek inside the ‘glamorous’ life of a SAHM

6.20 is the new wake up time which is when the chaos begins.

Daddy is rushing around to get ready to leave for work; I’m stumbling round in a sleep deprived trance trying to find coffee.

Two little boys are running round with all the youthful energy you can only get from 11 hours solid sleep and no worries other than when you’re next having milk and cookies.

Daddy leaves the house and the crying begins, eventually I composed myself enough to get that all important first caffeine fix.

Mean while, Doof and Smirtz find the felt tip pens (great buy daddy) and within seconds, our front door, two walls, one ear, one favourite white top and one sewing box are covered in a delightful array of blue and purple squiggles.

Manic scrubbing ensues, lordy loo it’s not even 7am and I’m trying to remember if its hot or cold water that sets stains, I couldn’t decide so went for warmish with a dash of cold.

Magic white sponge things work wonders on the walls and door, the sewing box needs repainting and I decided the ear can wait, guests are due round this morning, things to do!

The boys are deposited in their highchairs and given breakfast, which is tipped on the floor, ummm thanks! More cleaning up, and still not even 8am, this is crazy,

 About 40 minutes before our guests are due Smirtz decides to ‘decorate’ the living room with raisins, a box full, and a tube of Millions (how do kids find things which I can’t find) so now I have to hoover.

Is it impolite to hoover so early in the day? Would my neighbours mind? What the heck, I have people coming round and I can’t have them treading on raisins and sweeties! So I try to hoover, Smirtz decides it’s hilarious to turn the hoover on and off, The washing machine which has been iffy for a while is leaking water on the floor, then Smirtz decides to leak his own water over the floor, more frantic cleaning ensues.

I’ve only just swallowed a piece of toast when the door goes; woohoo our guests are here and there is another toddler in the house.

Play time ensues everyone has a jolly good time until the boys get cranky for naps, friends leave and I put boys away for their nap. Only Doof decides he’s a big boy now and doesn’t need naps. No consideration for his mummy who needs that precious time in the middle of the day to have one hot coffee and a few minutes of silence.

Instead I had a toddler on my lap demanding to know what was on his flash cards, all too soon Smirtz is awake and ready for round 2 of ‘how many of mummy’s hairs can we turn grey today?’

Lunch is as successful as breakfast!

We read a bit and learn some numbers, and the boys have play time while I clean / hide in the kitchen, which is when the darlings create this

And this

In a manner of minutes, their clean and organised play room was converted in to something resembling the toy aisle after a mass free for all!

I also find their milk on the floor with milky foot prints from their ‘dancing’ and soggy wipes in my shoes!

I’m sat here at 4.24pm, exhausted, eating some Curiously Cinnamon for an afternoon sugar fix, listening to the pitta patta of their feet as they run around like blue arse flies,

Smirtz comes over and gives me a smooch, ahhh and Doof is snuggling up for a cuddle as he’s realised he’s not such a big boy after all and still needs a nap!

I’m smiling to myself ‘cause I know we will be doing exactly the same things tomorrow and I really don’t mind!

And how was your day?


  1. And there was me thinking our darling boys kept you busy whilst I'm at the office :)

    Well done hunny.

    Love you!

    Me. Xxx

  2. What a lovely post! I was giggling all the way through it. x

  3. What fun times. I have put those days long behind me, but still remember well how tiring it is to have young boys!

  4. Oh Amanda, you are a saint! What an active day. You must fall into bed at night simply exhausted! I know it's hard to imagine, but someday you will long for your boys to be little again. Lol. God bless you, what a great Mom!

  5. A sweet life that this Single Nester sometimes wishes she had.

  6. Thank you for the laugh!
    I totally get everything you wrote! Sometimes I ask myself which is harder-going to work or staying home! I much prefer my lil boss at home!


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