Spring Birdie House

Happy St. David’s Day!

Both Spencer and I have some Welsh roots, so here’s a gorgeous bunch of daffodils to celebrate!

Even with these lovely flowers and the first bulbs producing colour in the garden I still felt the need for more Spring-ness around the house.

I brought a bunch of these last year, had no idea what to do with them, and just kept them in my craft stash. Around Christmas time I saw lots of people using similar bird houses but I always associate bird houses with spring so waited until now to use them!!

I started off by painting 4 in some nice light colours.

Using green acrylic paint I painted on some grass stems.

I’ve had this for ages, again something I brought with no idea what to do with it, but once cut up it makes the perfect addition to these little houses!

I added a few butterflies

And using Glitzy Stickers I added some trim around the roofs and over some of the grass.

Here is my very own Spring-ish décor, love it!

What Spring décor have you put up?


  1. The birdhouses are lovely! I think it is just about time to start putting out my spring decorations as well. I love the daffodils. You are fortunate to have some signs of life in your garden already. Have a great day!

  2. They look so cute clustered around your vase of daffodils. Happy Spring !

  3. Cute birdhouses. Stopping in from Type A Thursdays.

  4. I've so been on a daffodil kick this week * found them for 1.49 a bunch at TJs ... a steal! with the exception of growin' ur own ;)

  5. Your flowers are beautiful! I am so jealous that bulbs are blooming where you live. When I look out the window I can see the 10cm of snow that fell last night, patiently-ish waiting for Spring.

    Love your crafts!!!!


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