Upcycled Jeans = Denim Counting Bean Bags

I decided to try and merge the wonders of sewing and upcycling!

If anyone other than me is keeping tally, I only snipped my pj's once, rotary cutter on payday!

So grabbing a couple of hub’s jeans he no longer needed I decided to make the boys some numbered bean bags.

I have learnt that having all your supplies at hand from the beginning is best, so I got the following together.

·        Jeans
·        Sewing bits and bobs
·        Rice
·        Felt sheets
·        Sewing machine
·        Cardboard

I had washed, dried and ironed the jeans, then cut out a template from the card, approximately 15cm square.

Using the template I drew 11 squares on the denim.

Pinning both sides of each leg together I cut out the squares and put them to one side.

I then printed the numbers 0 – 10, and cut these out.

Choosing several different colours of felt I traced around the numbers cut them out and stitched each number on to a piece of denim.

Right sides together I then used the sewing machine to sew the sides together, leaving a small gap to turn right side out.

I then trimmed of any excess fabric and snipped off the corners.

Using a pencil to help, I turned them the right side out and filled up half way with dry rice.

Once I was happy with them I stitched up the opening and tada!!

I now have cute little numerical bean bags for my boys, I’ve already thought of a load of games we can play using these to help the boys with numbers.

The boys have been playing with them today, and they have survived been thrown around and pulled in every direction, the really enjoy playing with them yay!!

Cherished Treasures”=



  1. What a great idea. I have tons of denim to upcycle (hubby works construction and goes through jeans like crazy). I will have to give this a try.

  2. Very cute! I may just do this with my fat jeans soon.

  3. Wow they look great I just wouldn't have the patience to see that task through! well done

  4. Those are so cool. We are working on counting right now this could make it fun.

  5. How Fun! I think bean bags are great for kids, and to put numbers on them even better! I may have to get making some of those.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great idea to use jeans to make bean bags. I always save old jeans thinking I am gonna make a jean quilt, but I can never save enough!
    So, bean bags here I come! Thanks for the great post!

  7. Wow! I really love these, and I know my son would, too. I'm kind of scared of sewing, so I'll have to enlist my mom's help, but this is a great idea! :)

  8. Great idea and fab tutorial. I always find there is heaps of stuff for girls but not so much for boys - so this is perfect. THANKS

  9. Those are adorable, and I bet there really are a ton of games to play with them! Thanks for linking up!

  10. Using your old jeans was a GREAT idea!! And perfet for little boys! Thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays!!!

  11. I've never seen these done in denim. That would be so durable for bean bags. I've already had several of the ones I made for the boys split.

    I'd LOVE if you could share this with my readers tonight @Creative Juice Thursday. Party starts @ 7pm CST. Get your crafting shoes on. Hope to see you there...

  12. Love it! thank you so much for linking up to the Spring Stashbust! Great use of jeans and let me tell you all of mine have managed to get a ton of holes in them.

  13. what a great way to repurpose! thanks for sharing and for linking up!

  14. Love the idea of making the bean bags from denim which make them super sturdy...great project! Thanks for joining my linky party, please stop over again..have a great weekend!

  15. Such a super duper fun idea!! Happy to see your creative idea linked up last week at my K.I.S.S. blog bash. Looking forward to seeing what great project you share this week, remember the link is open until Tuesday @ midnight {CST}.

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  16. I've put together a round up of fun family activity projects on Craft Gossip today and included your post. :) You can see it here

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