When you go down to the beach today,

you're sure of a big surprise! Nope, not a teddy bears picnic!!

Imagine it’s Saturday, and you have nothing planned, so you decide to go for a stroll down the sea front, which is just a normal sea side thing to do, or so you’d think! I had been hoping to pick up some drift wood or other beach finds,

This is what greeted us on the normally peaceful and tranquil East Sussex coast.

It looks more like a construction site than a beach!

This boat out in the English Channel is dragging stones, shingle and other beach making materials from the sea bed and some how shooting it along a pipe up to the beach. 

Where this...

… is loading the beach making stuff into these tipper truck things, which then go along the beach, dumping their load which is then spread out to make the sea front wider / deeper, not sure really!

It’s part of a sea front defence program I think, but how bizarre!

I so want a go in one of those tipper trucks, they only go 35mph, but they look a hoot, if I start dropping hints now maybe I can get one for Christmas, what do you reckon?!


  1. Oh no! That doesn't look peaceful at all.

    Even with all the heavy equipment, it still makes me miss the beach, though. Can't wait until it warms up here. :)

    I wanted to let you know that I sent a gmail out to you and it came back undeliverable, but I wanted to thank you for your very thoughtful comment on my blog last week. I sincerely appreciated it.

    Hope you have an excellent week! :)

  2. oh, what a bummer! I would be unpleasantly shocked if this showed up at my beach!

  3. Is that Brighton, by any chance? I have been there and the pier looks like it. How fortunate you are to live there. Last time I was in England, I stayed with my mother's friend in Haywards Heath and she drove me all over Sussex. Hope the work on your beach will make the summer trips there better for you!


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