Beach Effect Terrarium

These 2 terrariums have been sat on our roof for I don’t know how long, but long enough that they were no longer growing any plants!

I decided to give one of them a new lease of life, a Beachy Life!

They were filthy, actually, disgusting is more appt. I emptied the soil from the pots, which I have given to hubby so he can make some citronella garden candles in them, and scrapped off what ever I could, and then I left them to soak in some cleaning solution.

After a good scrub I removed the plastic windows, and used a wire sponge to remove any rust.

Eventually they were clean enough for painting.

My trusty can of spray paint came to the rescue once again,

I only needed to give the terrarium one coat of paint; already it looked much better, no pics of this, opps!

Measuring the windows, tops and fronts, I cut sheets of acetate to size and using my glue gun, secured them in place.

Using drift wood, sand, shells and some seaside themed items, I made a beach display!

You could adapt this for almost any theme!

Still not sure what to do with the other one, any ideas?!

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  1. Super Cute! For a minute there I thought I was going to see one of those little crab things in there. Hehehe. Great job! Thanks for sharing on ISCCT #51... Julie


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