Chalk Board Tag Labels

I don’t know if its just a me thing, I’m hoping not, but sooo many times I’m doing some baking or what not and I can’t tell what kinda flour is in the jar, or the type or sugar or rice, you get the idea!

These are only a few of our jars, we have about 20 odd!
We empty all our packaged ingredients onto kilner jars, but we don’t label them, ummm no idea why, Spencer can always tell what is in the jar, I cant, and calling him up at work trying to get him to explain to me which is plain flour and which is self raising is pure comedy gold, a bit like the time I called him and started the conversation with ‘I need some wood’, actually I have a habit of saying something totally innocent which can be taken right out of context, stories for another post!

Anyhoo, back to the matter in hand, I needed labels on jars, I decided against anything which might either get ruined in the dishwasher or look scummy after awhile. So I decided on chalk board tags!

If you want to make some you will need

Chalk board paint
Bakers twine
Silver pencil
Oh, and jars or something to hang the tags off!

I got my tags from, but I’m sure you can get them in a ton of other places local to you, or the more adventurous could make your own!

Paint you tags with chalk board paint, make sure you shake the can real well to mix it all up; I used two coats to cover mine.

Whilst they are drying, cut lengths of bakers twine ensuring they are long enough to go right the way round your jars and secure the tag.

Once they are dry write out your label, I know you can get special chalk pens but a silver pencil also works just fine!

Next up you need to secure the tags, I looped the twine through the hole, pulled it tight and then wrapped the twine round the neck of the jar, securing in a knot.

And there you have it, sweet and dinky chalk board tags!

There are so many other uses for these, from labelling gifts, to plants / herbs in the garden or hand and dish soap! One of the best things, they are reusable, just rub of the text and you can write some thing else, yay!!

What else would you use these for?

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  1. That's a really cute idea. I label everything, but usually it's just with my labelmaker so not nearly as cute as these. Labeling saves a ton of frustration.

    I had to chuckle a little bit over your previous post regarding your "chaotic" day with the kiddoes. We have twin granddaughters, & I remember very well what it was like for our daughter when they were little. As an observer of interest of families with multiples, the number of children always appears to be double what it actually is -- twins feel more like 4, triplets like 6, you get the picture. Little kids are so smart & clever that when put in a "pack," they are double the trouble but also double the fun & love. Hang in there, it will get easier.

  2. What a neat idea! I bought a little bottle of chalkboard paint a while back, this gives me another idea of how to use it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I NEED This for my kitchen. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. That is awesome! What a fab idea. Thanks for visiting me. Love your idea here.
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  5. cute!! I love chalk board paint!!

  6. That is a super cute idea to make the removable labels chalkboard. It's a nice twist on actually putting the paint on the jar.

    I might have to try this with dry erase. (I have a strange aversion to chalk.)

  7. ohhhh fab idea hun. I am having a wooden obsession at the moment and have been painting and using scrapbook paper but hadn't thought of chalkboard paint thanks so much for sharing tina x x

  8. This is a darling and awesome idea that I've never thought of. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. HAHA . . . you mean you can't tell the difference between reg. and self-rising flour just by looking at them??!! Me either. These are so cute AND . . . what about using the free countertop samples you can get at Home Depot, etc.? They have holes in them and are very sturdy of course because they're made out of laminate, etc.!

  10. Great idea! I am in despeate need of labeling my canisters, but am heisitant to do anything permanent. I love that these can be taken off/changed.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

  11. Brilliant idea :) But how *do* you tell the difference between plain & self raising flour? I need to know now.

  12. love this idea! maybe my husband may actually be able to find things if i did this?!?! who am i kidding - probably not! but its still worth a try! ;)

  13. Haha.. Ringing me at work and telling me "you need some wood" is one of your more tame faux pas!

    The funniest for me was "Do you know where the boys have put their balls?" :)

    Keep up the good work hun. Nearly at the magic "300 followers" (i.e. gift day) XX

  14. I love this idea for garden markers. I knew that chalkboard paint existed, but I never really thought to use it for crafty things--just maybe in a child's room or something like that. This is why I read blogs! :)

  15. Thank you so much for stopping by Little Lucy Lu and for commenting ... I'm pretty new at this, so all of the comments mean so much to me! :-)
    Good luck with your gate-turned-laundry rack!
    And cute idea here with the tags! Love chalkboard paint!
    ~Bec :-)

  16. What a great crafty idea. This way if you use the container for something else, you can just erase it.

  17. Such a cute idea! I really hope to replicate! I love labels on everything and these are so chic!

  18. This is a wonderful idea! I too forget what I have in some of my jars in pantry. Thanks for visiting me!

  19. Such a cute idea! I've been thinking about using labels like that for everything in the house. :) Cheap and easy!

    I came by from Inspiration Friday.


  20. This is nice. I did something similuar in my pantry! :)
    I might try this for a bathroom closet! :)

  21. Those are very cute! I would be using them for Christmas gifts and think I might just do that this year.

  22. So cute! I had to crack up over your "innocent" questions that can be taken out of context...happens a lot in our house too! :-) Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week!

  23. Really really cute idea! I need them in my cabinet. Found your entry At The Picket Fence. I have an entry also...Denim Cake Stand. Hope you will visit my blog.

  24. Thanks for your nice comment on our blog!

    Love your label idea!!

  25. This is a great idea and super-cute! So glad you found my blog so I could find yours!

  26. Very cute! Just bought a bunch of wood hearts to spray paint with chalkboard paint and give as gifts to grandparents, after kids chalk a note to them.

  27. A great idea...I love chalk board paint. :)

  28. Chalkboard paint is one of my favorite things. I love the tags. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  29. Love this idea (and that the tags are reusable for differnt things). ps found you on while he was napping :D

  30. Hi - visiting from Fireflies & Jellybeans. Love this idea! Silly question I'm sure but are those tags paper or wood?

  31. These are so cool! I love all these chalkboard projects i've been seeing around. such fun

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday! Hope to see ya again later this week :)

  32. I love chalkboard tags! This helps to keep organized!

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice Thursday! Hope to see you back this week...

  33. Hi! I'm featuring your chalk board tag labels this week on It's a Keeper Thursday! Please stop by and grab a button! And, please link up again this week!

    Christina @ It's a Keeper

  34. Fun idea! I too can never remember what i've put where, this would be helpful! I think I'll have to invest in some cute jars like yours though, my plastic containers wouldn't do those cutesy chalkboard tags justice!


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