Chocolate v's Bag!

Hubby told me the other day that the average UK child will have £22 spent on Easter eggs for them, which got me thinking that my kiddies and nieces will definitely NOT be receiving anywhere near that amount of chocolate from me!

As I’m having a kinda fabric and sewing machine crush at the moment I decided to make them a bag each, which would have been a fantastic idea, if not for the fact that I have never actually followed a pattern to make a bag EVER!

But with a little luck, a desperate plea for help via my blog (thank you again to those that replied) and some tweaking I did it!

So far I made two bags, the first I just lurve so I decided to keep it for me, this is it!

The first bag I made, woohoo!

I added a bit of ribbon and a brad, don't ya love the fabric!
The other I gave to my eldest niece, Maddy, very pleased to say she luves it! I forgot to get any pictures, I was so excited at giving it to her I kinda just threw it at her when she walked in the house! 

Chloe, my youngest niece will be 3 this year so I’m trying to decide on an appropriate style bag!

The point I’m taking an extraordinarily long time to get to is that if I can follow patterns (with some help) and make some darn cute bags, anyone can do it!



  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! :) I am very impressed with your cute bag!!! I look forward to see what your 3 yr old will get :) Thanks again, Happy Easter!

    Katie@ Little Things Bring Smiles

  2. Very cute bag! I love to sew and make bags as well so I know how excited you are to have finished it. Enjoy using it!!



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