Craft addictions!

Hmmmm! I’m not happy with the blogging community at the moment, how come not one of you lovely and talented ladies included a note in any of your posts about just how addictive some of these crafts are!!!??

I’ve seen posts on the fabulously cute paper wreaths, and sat down one evening to make one, but I just couldn’t stop making the paper flutey things!! So it has way more layers than I intended and I had to make a banner with them too, which isn’t a problem, its just once I started, I couldn’t stop!!

And spray paint!!! Everyone uses it, but no one said once you spray with it you then walk around your home looking to find random objects and spray them with paint! I just love the speed in which you can transform an object with spray paint, so much so that I went out and brought these, aren't they just so pretty?! 

I have a few ideas as to what I’m going to do with these, but I’m excited just to have them, yay for spray paint!

So actually I’m extremely happy with the blogging community for getting me ‘hooked’ on some wonderful crafty ideas, I’m off to go find some more, thanks ladies! 


  1. Hahaha! Isn't that the truth! I think every blog from now on should come with a warning right up top.

    I do the same thing with spray paint...

  2. Ho i am exactly the same. I have half of those spray paints. My latest addiction is spraying little wooden shapes and sticking magnetic strips on the back tina x

  3. I feel the same way about spray paint! Going so far as to spray paint something that already looked good to begin with! I enjoyed looking through your blog and am now a follower :)


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