The doodles on the wall!

Can some one please tell me why, even if toddlers have a ton of paper, colouring books and chalk boards, at their disposal they still feel the need to draw on walls?!!

So far today my little darlings have

drawn on walls
drawn on their faces
tipped breakfast on the floor
tipped lunch on the floor
wiped their snotty noses on me, yuk
dipped their fingers in wet paint
learnt how to open and close the stair gate
pulled the laundry off the washing line
clipped a peg on their noses and wondered why it hurt
posted my debit card out the front door...
..then shut the front door whilst I put the recycling out
dug up the sunflower seeds we planted the other day!

I' sure there's more I'm yet to find, lucky me, and there are still 4 hours before it's their bed time! 

And the worst part, they are ill, this is them on like half their energy supply, 

Actually that's not the worst part, this is

I have no coffee left! I'm off to cry over an empty cup and admit defeat!

Hope your all having a fantastic Tuesday!


  1. I don't know if it will help, but I walked into my nineteen yr olds room as she was writing poetry ON HER WALL!!! Now, you know she has truckloads of paper in all the colors of the rainbow, and she says,"It's more special if it is permanent, Mom!" I sigh and shake my head and inform her she will be repainting her room this summer as a reminder that "Nothing in life is permanent!" They never stop amazing or annoying or loving you. Smile at the artwork and maybe find a way to work a picture of it into a "These Things are Naughty" book. My daughter still has her's, which she still drags out and shows her friends, not that it has stopped her from writing on walls...LOL! You have all my heartfelt prayers that they feel better soon and you get a care package of coffee!

  2. Arghhhhh! You got no coffee left, that is my lifesaver esp when little miss decides 5am is time to get up!

    I love the art work on the wall hehe :P Don't think I will be saying that when Alesha gets 2 that stage!


  3. Those are the days you just skip to some form of alcohol and forgo the coffee.

    Good luck! :)


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