I need some sewing help please!

I need some sewing help!

I’m sewing a bag, I’ve followed the instructions and pattern, but I’ve got stuck on how to sew the lining into the bag!

I’ve followed what the instructions say, I’ve actually tried a whole bunch of different ways, but I can’t get the lining into the bag, with both the right way round and the handle on the outside not under the lining!

Could any one help, before I throw the bag, lining and sewing machine off the end of the pier!

Here’s a picture of the outside, with the strap and flap attached.

And here is the lining, with the inside pockets attached.

The tutorial says to sew the lining pieces together, leaving a gap along the bottom for turning, place outer bag inside lining, right sides facing, sew together and pull bag right side out through the gap in the lining, stitch closed! I just can't do it!

 I know I’m doing something ridiculously stupid! Can someone please help!


  1. I don't know if this will help, but what I do is turn both pieces inside out. Then stuff the outside piece into the inside piece so the inside piece is on the outside, inside out. Boy does that sound confusing!
    Then line up the edges and sew leaving an opening a couple of inches so you can turn it all back right side out and hand stitch the opening closed. All this time leaving the strap and flap to the outside.
    I hope this helps, although even I have trouble picturing it myself.

  2. Just do what the instructions say and turn your lining inside out. Put the outside of the bag {with handles down in on the side of the outer bag alone with the flap} inside the lining so that right sides of the lining and right sides of the outer part are facing. Now sew a sew around the top and leave a gap open so you can turn it right side out after you are done :). {I usually wait to sew the handles on when I do all of this though}Hope this helps :).

  3. I aree with KZ but if you already have the gap in the bottom of the lining, just stitch all the way round the top of the bag. Make sure the handle is on the inside of the bag between the outer and the lining.

  4. I hopped over hoping to be of help. Maybe the way I describe it will click:

    Leave your outside facing right side out. Turn your lining wrong side out. Tuck the outside of the bag into the lining. The right sides should be facing each other. Make sure to tuck the flap and the handle in between the layers. Now you can sew all the way around the top. When you are done, pull the outside through the hole you left in the lining, slip stitch the opening closed and tuck the lining inside!

    I hope that helps!


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