Rainbow Jars - Garden Decoration

This week I have been busy painting the back garden, whilst painting the windows I realised they were just too bare!

I can admit I don’t have the greenest of thumbs; I can kill a plant before I even get it home! So I decided on a less ‘killable’ décor idea.

Rainbow Jars!!

To make your own grab the following

Empty jars
Wire cutters
Scraps of fabric
Pinking shears
Glue dots
Food colouring

Make sure your jars are empty and clean

To make fabric toppers I drew around a ribbon real, anything circle is fine, and cut them out with pinking shears for a decorative edge, once you have these put to one side.

Using wire and wire cutters, cut strips of wire long enough to wrap around the lip of the jar, in a circle, and loop over to the other side to make a handle, tuck each end under the wire circle and twist to secure. Trim off any excess wire,

Fill each jar about half way with water, and add a FEW drops of food colouring, if the colour is to intense, start again, use the water on your plants it wont hurt them and you may get some funky coloured petals! I wanted the water to still be see through.

Using glue dots, secure a fabric circle to the top of each lid (I would have used elastic bands, but I couldn’t find them!)

Secure a lid onto each jar.

Place on window sill, or wherever you want, hopefully they will catch the sunlight and throw off some cute splashes of colour, if not, at least they still look great!

Now I have something other than a white wall to look at from the kitchen window, you can see my laminated bunting is holding up real well.

Other than the wire, I suppose twine could be used instead, this could be a great craft for kiddies to do, I’m sure we all have the items already!

When they are looking past their best, pour water over your plants and start again!

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  1. this is so great! I'm sure it's really pretty. they look really cool. glad I found your blog.

    new follower!

  2. I love the way the color reflects on the window sill! I have been wanting to dye carnations like this with my kids.


  3. Cool idea! My kids would love this!
    Visiting via "Chic on a Shoestring" Blog party!!
    I'm your newest follower from over at alliebdallie.com !!
    allie B

  4. what a sweet display perfect for spring and gardens

  5. these are so cute!! the polka dots remind me of toadstools... :) Love it.. sharing this today on faceboook... thanks for linking up!

  6. sweet idea! They add an unexpected bit of whimsy!

  7. What a great idea! Thanks for linking up this weekend - you're always creating something fun and bright!


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