Safety First Mother! Update

Woohoo, I survived!

I think the hard hat was provided more to stop me pulling my hair out than to protect me from falling, thrown or swung about objects!

Smirch struck once again with the sodding crayons and pens, I even caught him in the act, see exhibit 1.

Doof tried as hard as possible to dispose of the evidence however he forgot that mummy uses the washing machine on an almost daily basis, see exhibit 2

Doof also forgot that he was covered in some blue ink, I give you exhibit 3.

And finally, the rarely captured on film ritual of feeding the hoover milk! Unfortunately I was unable to get any pictures of the actual event, and was only able to capture a shot of the aftermath, see exhibit 4.

I was however able to get a photo of a ‘person of interest’ who was acting rather suspiciously in the vicinity of the hoover, I give you exhibit 5

Highly scientific and complex tests will need to be carried out to determine what effect, if any, milk has on a hoover, next time I hoover, I shall let you know!.

I shall be storing all this evidence in a binder, to be presented to Doof and Smirch on their 18th birthday, the binder will be titled

‘Reasons why you will ‘sponsor’ mummy’s, yearly, two week holiday in Hawaii

What do you think, will it work?


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