You guys are awesome!

Awwww shucks, you guys!!!

Thank you for the sweet comments following yesterdays ‘woe is me’ post, you really are fab.

A quick up date on Ethan, his doc has stopped his beta blockers, it may have given him asthma!! So we now have an inhaler / face mask / valve type contraption for him for when he is struggling to breath.

I know millions of people all across the world have these things but it’s totally new to me and I just know the first time we need to use it I will be a mess, So if any of you know how to get a wriggly and scared toddler to calm down so he can breath please let me know, any advise more than welcome!

I’ve been a bit slack with blogy stuff lately, one thing and another has got in the way, but I do realise that I have passed the 200 followers mark!! Woohoo, and what’s even more amazing than the fact that all you fab people like something about my blog, is that I only had to bribe one of you to do so! Thanks Spencer J

So a big thank you to my wonderful followers, make yourself a cuppa grab a cupcake and pretend I made it for ya!!!


  1. Bribe me? My arm still hurts where you had it twisted so far up my back.... AND you made me pour you wine and cook you dinner!

    But that's nothing less than you deserve :)

    Love you hunny. Keep up the good work and I'll buy you a present when you get to 300 followers.

  2. Squirmy four year olds are hard to nebulize too.. but mine loved stories and sitting on my lap.. oh yeah and he was the easiest to nebulize when he was ASLEEP! We did this last week every 4 hours for a week and it was no fun! All the best for your little one .. my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy cupcake!!!!! Of course, you can see me using my finger to delve into the frosting first!! Figures.

    Link for my Thursday Theme Song The Silverton Train

    All Aboard!!


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