Chalk Fabric Roll

First up I want to apologise for my lack of sewing skills in this project, I've never done anything like this and kinda just ‘winged’ it, but you’ll get the idea!

I've seen tons of amazing crayon roll tutorials, which have inspired this project.

If you want to make a Chalk board & Chalk Roll you need the following

Fusible interfacing
Sewing stuff
Sewing machine
Chalk board fabric
Toy stuffing

For roll cut fabric 32” x 13”, and iron on interfacing.

For chalk board cut chalk board fabric 6.5”x 11”

For pockets cut fabric 6” x 13”, and iron on interfacing

For duster cut fabric 3” x 6”

Fold the main fabric in half, press at crease, open with wrong side facing, place chalk board fabric face down 1 inch from crease. 

Using chalk, draw around the chalk board, remove chalk board, draw a 0.5inch boarder inside the existing outline.

Cut out the inside fabric, turn over edges and press.

Place chalk board fabric face down over the area you’ve just cut out, pin in place, flip over to make sure the chalk fabric fills the hole you cut out. Sew in place.

Pin, press and sew a hem along one of the long edges on the pocket fabric.

Place pocket fabric wrong side down, with the hemmed edge closest to the chalk fabric and pin in place.

From the hemmed edge sew pockets large enough to slot in the chalks, but not too large that they will fall out. You should be left with 1 large pocket; this is for the ‘duster’.

Press entire piece, not the chalk fabric!

Fold in half, right sides facing, ensure you line up all edges and pin in place.

Sew all the way around, leaving a 10” gap along one edge of the chalk fabric. Snip corners and remove any excess fabric.

Turn right side out and press the entire piece, not the chalk fabric!

Slot a piece of ribbon or fabric tape midway inside the gap, tuck in the fabric edges, pin, press and sew the gap closed.

Fold duster fabric in half, right sides facing, sew around the edges leaving a 1”gap, snip corners and remove any excess fabric, turn right side out.

Insert stuffing and sew closed.

Cure the chalk fabric, you can easily do this at the beginning of the project, grab a chalk and rub it all over the fabric, up and down, dust off the chalk, then rub the chalk all over the fabric, left to right, dust off chalk, now your chalk fabric is ready!

Insert chalks and duster into their pockets, fold the roll in half, secure with the tie!

Tada, a chalk fabric roll!

Not bad for my first attempt!

I should point out that the roll will get chalky, but it dusts off pretty well!

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  1. Adorable! It's fun to just "wing it" with a project, that is where all our creativity comes out. Great job!

  2. That is fab i love it. i have made loads of crayon rolls but not tried adding chalkboard fabric. I saw it a while back and wondered what i could make with it and now i know thanks for sharing x x

  3. That is such a cool idea! I didn't even know there was such a think as chalkboard fabric. I love it!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  4. Turned out great! Shared this on fb and twitter. =)

  5. That is too cute! Love it!

  6. This is CRAZY adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    xoxo Hanna

  7. That is awesome! What a cute little take a long chalkboard. Loves it!

  8. Thank you for linking to Sew Woodsy! We are making the fabric rolls at my Singer party this weekend! I love the thought of adding the chalk board element!

  9. This is so cute--and I didn't know there was chalkboard fabric either! This would be great for my kids on long car rides (we don't have video games or movies for in the car). Thanks for sharing!

  10. Now I sew and I didn't know there was such a thing as CHALKBOARD FABRIC!? You did an amazing job on this -- with vacation season upon us you need to sell these to travel weary parents somehow! Great job!

  11. This is super cute! Great thing to carry around for entertainment too! Thanks so much for linking to It's Stinkin' Cute Craft Thursdays!

  12. Great idea! I'd love for you to link up at Inspire Me Mondays. It's up all week!

  13. Nicely done! I didn't even realize there was such a thing as chalkboard fabric!

  14. nuthin' wrong with your sewing skills as far as i can see...this is a very fun idea...thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!

    stuff and nonsense

  15. What a cute idea, iv'e never heard of chalk fabric before...

    Tnx for linking up at Who Made What? Weekends!

  16. very cute! I love a good chalkboard. I have used that same polka dot fabric for a memo/organizer/coat rack thingy!

  17. Well I loved your fabric roll so much I featured it on this week's Ten Buck Tuesday! Email me at youngnester(at)gmail(dot)com to get the code for the "I've been featured at Young Nester" button! Have a GREAT week!

  18. Where have I been...there chalkboard FABRIC???

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice. Hope to see you back again this week...

  19. How awesome is THIS? I love it! I would love to have you link up at my party today!

  20. thanks for linking up to TSWL! hope to see you again this week!

  21. thanks for linking up to TSWL! hope to see you again this week!


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