Fabric Fondler

Yep, I’m a self diagnosed fabric fondler!

Before you think ‘whoa, this isn’t the kinda blog I wanna be reading’ it’s totally legal and I bet most of you are too!

The other day I was doing laundry, but the fun kind of laundry! Fabric delivery laundry, isn’t it pretty?!

And then I got to iron the fabric, all nice and smooth, this is the only ironing I do! And then, I get to fold them up, all nice and neat.

By either pattern, colour or theme

Sometimes I can be found lurking in the fabric store, walking between the bolts of fabric, wondering how I can convince hubby that I really do need more fabric, or buttons or ribbons. Apparently ‘I just need it’ or ‘but they are so cute / soft / stroke able’ aren’t actually good enough reasons!  Who’d have thought!

So, now you know, I’m a fabric fondler, acceptance is the first step to recovery, the only know cure is buying more fabric, I’m off to the shops!


  1. I make bows, LOTS OF THEM...I also have to convince hubby that I need more :)

  2. Step away.......no I mean it Step away!!!
    They look fab though maybe I need some :)

  3. I too am most definately a fabric fondler. If only I had a bit more space...

  4. I am officially on Pinterst thanks to you! And I am loving it already.

  5. haha this made me laugh. I am fabric fondler too. Actually, I am an all items in a store fondler. I touch everything-worse than a kid! I say I'm "tactile."


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