Hospital Update

Yesterday was one of the best day ever!

Ethan’s consultant was so pleased with his progress, he checked his ears, nose and throat, all okay!

He checked his lungs / breathing all okay! Yay!

He did say that Ethan still has some haemangioma in his windpipe, which will increase in size if Ethan gets a virus, making it difficult for him to breathe; this explains what happened back in April, although not what we wanted to hear, at least we know.

He wants to see Ethan around Christmas time, to check his progress, and there is still the possibility of plastic surgery, but for now everything is great.

Now all we need to get through is the appointment with the optometrist, who will hopefully tell us there is nothing wrong with Ethan’s eyes.

Neither of us realised just how stressed this appointment was making us, we both felt such an enormous relief walking out the hospital. It’s like a huge shift in our little family, and we can finally start looking forwards.

I hope everyone else if having a fantastic weekend,


  1. That's awesome news! Praying all goes well with the eye doctor too! :)

  2. YEAH!!!! It is so awesome to get good news about your kids, it is such peace of mind to a parent! So glad everything went well!


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