No Sew Garden Bunting!

The other week I painted the walls at the back of the house and in the garden, which is all well and good until the sun shines down and you’re almost blinded by the glare bouncing off the white walls!

So today I decided to add a little something to the ‘iced wall’ to detract from the stark whiteness!

It’s called the ‘iced wall’ as when it was rendered it was left looking like frosty butter icing!

This is a quick, easy and dirt cheap project, all I used was

Various paints
Paint brush

I started by roughly sketching my bunting on to the wall with a chalk.

Sorry for the photo, but I'm sure you get the idea!

Then painted the individual ‘flags’

And that is it, told ya it was quick! The best thing about it, if you don’t like it or get bored and want to make it seasonal, just paint over it!

You could always enlist your kiddies to 'help' I gave them white paint to use, which I thought was a good idea, as its a white wall, except they then go paint the decking! Arrggghh, they are always one step ahead.

I’m thinking of adding some more to the wall, but haven’t decided on what yet! 


  1. that's adorable! great idea for sure. i love bunting:)

  2. Ha ha about the white paint on deck! I love your idea of painted bunting - it looks great! I found you on BMB, your blog is lovely - I will be back!

    You can find me here: if you fancy - I have a tiny design studio and blog about that and other designs I like!


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