Protect your Computers

This weekend some faceless individual hacked into my laptop, and to say I’m pissed off is perhaps the biggest understatement of the year.

I’m so thankful that hubby is such a computer geek, he was able to save everything ( I think) and get rid of whatever it was they had installed on my laptop. 

But for awhile it wasn’t looking good, and the thought of losing everything on my laptop literately had me shedding a few tears, photos and videos of the boys, letters, ideas etc, all could have been lost because of some jerk who most likely does it just because he can!

I do have everything backed up, but still, my laptop is in my home, where I should feel safe and not have to worry about someone invading my personal space.

There are a few things you can do to help protect your computer

1.        Install anti virus software on your computer
2.       Use a firewall
3.       use  spyware protection
4.      Update these programs regularly to keep them up to date
5.      Only go to websites you know or trust
6.      Do not open emails if you do not know the sender
7.       Do not open email attachments if you do not trust the source
8.      Be careful of what you download, do you trust it? If not don’t do it!
9.      Make sure you back up anything you don’t want to lose on to an external hard drive or disc

If you are not already taking these steps, you should start today!


  1. Oh no! So glad you have a talented hubby to help save the day.

    In brighter news, you won the earring giveaway on my blog! For some reason, blogger won't let me access your email even though the button is there, so if you could reply to this comment or leave another comment on my blog, I'll contact you for shipping details. :)

  2. I am so sorry about that! It makes me so mad that people can actually hack into your personal computer & cause so much havoc. Thanks for the reminder though, you can never let your guard down on these types of things. Hope your week goes better for you!

  3. That's awful! If only those individuals would use their time for the going good than evil. I hope you can save everything. I know how you feel.... I just lost my computer to an electrical storm. I have most everything backed up on an external hard drive.....ask me how I learned that lesson!


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