Side by Side

Whether it’s a twin thing or a brother thing, I don’t know, but what I do know, and its something I’m so proud of, my boys have each others back!

This is what we found when we went t check on them, they do have separate cots!

If one is crying the other will try to soothe him,

 if one is naughty the other will tell him off,

if one is ill the other is subdued,

if one is absent the other is lost,

if one is cheeky the other is laughing,

where you find one you will find the other,

love my boys I does!


  1. Twins are definitely different! I have some similar pics of my boys. They have a hard time without the other but as they have gotten older they have had to do their own things. While one is away the other asks and talks about him until he gets back. lol I love it. Cute pics! Chris

  2. That is sooo sweet! I think it may be a brother thing.. my boys have seperate beds in the same room, however, they sleep together every night. They are like a little old married couple as they move around the bed so that they are snuggling all the time!
    Love your pic!

  3. How precious are they!!! Enjoy this time with them :D

  4. Aw so sweet! I always have to go get my son(3) out of my daughter's(21months) crib every night before I go to bed :)

  5. How lovely, brothers love, theirs is even more special as they are twins xx

  6. So sweet! They look adorable!

    Mine are two years apart and we have a LOT of arguments, a lot of fighting. BUT, sometimes I catch them being sweet and it melts my heart, big time.

  7. That is so super sweet - I love that they sleep with each other! I definitely think it's a twin thing. After spending time together in utero. Were they early or spend anytime in the NICU? I saw several sets of twins in the NICU that had such an amazing connection from an early age that shared (when they were able to) NICU cribs as well.

  8. Awww! I love how the one is totally on top of the other. Too cute!


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