What is a girl to do with a nasty old mirror!?

Isn’t life just full of decisions, some horrendously difficult, and other stupidly ridiculous!

And this little mirror, brought from ‘Age Concern’ for £5, offered up one of life’s stupidly ridiculous decisions……..

…….. spray paint or decoupage!!!!

What is a girl to do?

The same thing we do whenever we can’t make our minds up, do both, hurrah!

I still have a bunch of napkins left from the chair I decoupage, which is now sitting pretty in our bedroom, and this mirror, once tarted up would look spiffy alongside it!

Firstly I had to remove that ghastly trim, it was plain yuck!

After giving the frame a wash and sand down, I covered the mirror in plastic film to protect it from the paint, then gave it a few coats of plasti-kote in baby blue.

(Don’t get to engrossed in Monk and leave it dry in the rain, duh)

Once the paint dried, I knocked up a batch of my super secret formula (blob of white glue and splash of water, sshh don’t tell anyone).

I tore up a few napkins; rough edges work better when doing decoupage, as they don’t show up as much as hard edges, and working in small areas covered the rim of the mirror.

I must say, it’s really weird working on something when you can see your reflection in it, even harder to take pictures and try not to get in them!!,

Once the decoupage was dry, I used my craft knife to trim off the excess paper.

I decided it needed a little some thing extra, and added two bands of this lovely bluey green ric rac, attaching it with hot glue,

And here it is sitting pretty on my dresser, what do you think, better before or after?

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  1. Looks great to me!! Let me ask you, since you live in England, do you all have yard sales or garage sales? Here in the US it is a big thing, we go to peoples sales and look for great used items to use in our own homes, or to sell. I have always wondered if people in other countries do the same thing. I've never been out of the US, so I don't really know. Anyway, your mirror turned out great, and I am guessing it was a great price too. :)

  2. WOW! I love this! I am about to post this week's Inspire Me Monday party and I would LOVE for you to link this up! :)

  3. This turned out super-cute.

  4. awesome transformation,thought it was different:)

  5. This is sooo pretty! Must be soo nice to have something so sweet and girly in a house full of BOYS! Great job.. love it!
    thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

  6. I think your mirror turned out great! :)
    I love the color combinations!
    Ohh, how hard it is to take a pic of a mirror. I find that using a flash works best. The flash sort of has to go off "above" the actual mirror, but it gives the mirror a "non-reflective" aspect.
    I loved your comment about the hens and chicks! Houseleeks is one of the names... I don't like that name at all!

    So true about how the flowers fade and die... these plants will be mementos forever!
    have a great day!

  7. Great project! Love using the decoupage!

  8. this is very neat! I like this idea for a mirror!

    have a great day!

    I have a giveaway over at my blog!

  9. Very cute...love the colors! nice job!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  10. How fun and pretty!

    I use the white glue mod podge substitute as well. :)

    Popping over from Reasons to skip the housework!

  11. This looks fabulous! How fun!

    Great job!

  12. Thanks SO much for linking up! I am featuring this tonight! :) Just wanted to let you know I am changing Inspire Me Mondays to Summer Lovin' Saturdays! It begins tonight :) I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  13. Very cute, I love what you did the mirror! Thanks for linking to Weekend Warrior.


    (Please don't forget to add the weekend warrior button to your sidebar and/or your post. Thanks!)


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