Just tinkering about!

I'm having a spring clean of my blog, so apologies if things look a little odd!

Hubster has been telling me off for having buttons which go over the side bar into the main body of the blog posts, so at the moment, buttons are at the bottom of the posts, and I’ve shoved everything else to only 1 side bar!

Everything should look pretty normal, so please humour me whilst I figure out how to make buttons smaller, centred and whatever else I need to do to make everything a little easier on the eye!

I’m wondering whether using a notebook rather than a proper grown up full sized screen makes any difference, ho hum, off to delete and tinker about with html code I have no understanding off!

Wish me luck!

Oh, and can I just mention, does anyone else find it odd that the spell checker here in blogger doesn't  recognise blogger or blog!


  1. Good luck with your 'cleaning'!

  2. I think you can widen your side bar in the design page. I'd have to go and check again how to do it. Good luck.


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