My Tuesday Ten {almost}

Have you guys seen Tuesday Ten hosted by Stephanie over at Under the Table and Dreaming? If not you should check it out, a spot for you to just pop all those random little things which you don’t want to dedicate a whole post to.


The boys are at the stage where they don’t want to be in the buggy but walking too far is just too much for them, so I got a wagon!

You don’t see many here in the UK, I think I’ve only seen one other being used, no idea why they aren’t more popular; we all love it and we got loads of admiring glances and comments on it. Perhaps we can start a wagon revolution!!

Ethan looks right at home!

Despite having an award winning gardener granddad, I just need to look at a plant and it dies, so it was no surprise when the Jasmine plant which the hubsters mum bought for us when we moved in, seemed to shrivel up and die.
I blamed it on the snow and frost we had this past winter, and cut it back HARD, to like a few stumpy bits.
So you imagine my joy at seeing it grow to this over a few weeks.

A few more weeks and there will be flowers I’m sure.


Summer’s here baby!!

The boys are in onesis, it’s so hot at night they don’t need pjs, but they need something to keep their nappies secure, so back to these. When I saw them last night I almost cried, reminded me that even though they are growing up fast, they will always be my baby boys.

That ice cream cone.

 Ahren LOVES it, the other night we had to go up at least 3 times because he was crying so much, why was he crying, his ice cream fell out his cot. He doesn’t even like ice cream!


We were told Ethan may never speak, but thankfully the damage to his vocal chords hasn’t prevented his speech, he may grow up sounding like Barry White, not a bad thing really! Any hoo, the last few weeks have seen a huge improvement in his speech, but my favourite things he says;
“It’s cool mama” instead of thank you, how cool is that!?
“I’m fine mama” his response if I ask if he’s okay, love it!


The boys love jumping, on EVERYTHING, so we cashed in our Clubcard points and got them a trampoline for the garden, for FREE! Hurrah.

Now the boys can jump around like headless chickens all they like.


I admit it, I’m a cinnamon addict.

For some stupid reason I can’t even begin to process you can’t buy cinnamon products in the UK, well you can, but only about 3 things, what is wrong with the taste buds of this nation I will never know, But lucky for me American Sweets sells a whole bunch of American products they get imported in.

Once a month or so I order a naughty little bundle of goodies, and I’m crushin’ hard on these totally yummy and nutritious Pop Tarts at the moment, I don’t forget the hubster, he gets his Texas Pete Hot Sauce, a favourite from his Florida days, and the kiddos get their Cinnamon Bun Bites!

Not quite ten, but these are the little things I wanted to share, pop over to Stephanie’s blog and see what everyone else has to say.
Hope your all enjoying a great week!

Hubster wants me to clarify that the ice cream Ahren is so precious about is a plastic toy thing and that we don't send him to bed with an actual ice cream.

And apparently the photo of Ethan in {FIVE} makes him look like a drug addict or something, I would just like to clarify he is not! Some times he just looks REALLY sleepy! 


  1. MMMMMMMmmmm Texas Pete's Buffalo wing sauce...

    (in my bestest Homer Simpson voice!)

    If it wasn't so late I'd be cooking up some spicy chicken right now!

    (and no that's not a euphemism!)

  2. Hi Amanda, You have two cuties there! Love the trampoline...I so need one for my little guy. They look like they are having a blast!

    I went back and read about Ethans Hemangiomas {thanks to the read more link at the bottom of your post} I love the - It's cool mama! Ethan is such a trooper and an amazing little guy! My little guy has 10 small external hemangiomas and several internal on his liver. I can only imagine what you guys have been through. I am so happy to hear that he is talking - that is wonderful and such a blessing.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your {ten}. I greatly appreciate it. Hope you had a wonderful fourth! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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